Crystal Souls Guide

By Truck on November 28th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Before you go ahead and hate on the different reflections on the different armor parts, there is a reason and thought put behind this!!!
And no, none of the screenshots have been photoshopped, it's my sweetfx preset that makes things bright and saturated.
Quick description of thoughts, story comes afterwards:
So basically I wanted her to look connected to the wings, and I fewlt like the nightmare court armor is the best for this as it has these back-spikes. As nothing I tried really connected well with the nightmare court armor, I decided to make ger full torso and arms the same. The helmet is a simple fit, it looks angelic and protecting, so it actually seems like armor. the different reflections might be distracting but there are parts of her wearing armor and parts where she doesn't, that's how I designed her. Basically her whole torso is naturally like this, it is not human. Yes, in some lightings the parts actually fit like one, that's because I use the same dyes on them. You will see it in screenshots, though. Legs are just personal preference, as I felt like the flame legion boots with the claws and so on are too bulky and felt off due to that. So the most simple combo was mistward and phalanx in my opinion, however I thought of maybe using draconic legs as they might have brighter reflections, mistward feels so dark. Forthe weapons, I use the immortal longbow because the purple just fits and I finally found a look for my favorite in game skin (which is hte immortal one). The greatsword is still being decided, but I like that Zenith skins have some purple-ish reflection at their edges on the crystals. I also have no idea where to go for screenshtots, I tired various locations but either the lighting was dips*** or I just didn't find locations. So that's why I took screns in the grove, ember bay, malchor's leap, dredgehaunt cliffs. Basically tried random locations for different lighting screens. But maybe I am just not experienced enough with locations yet :D
I'm just so happy I got the wings, farmed a shitload of gold for the dyes and did the dungeons and and and.... I honestly worked more on getting gold than on the look for this one.. It was annoying and stressful, but I am happy with the result so: Worth it!

So now that the verbal throw up is over, here's a short story for entertainment:

~A lonely soul makes its way through the lands~

"Another lonely soul, wandering. Without orientation, no sense of life. Where are you going to, poor soul? It would not answer, why would it. There is no reason in telling me what I already know. The way the souls wander, restless. It shakes up feelings inside of me which I haven't yet felt, which I not yet dared to feel. Pain, anger, hate. Maybe love? No, souls don't love. The only ones permitted to love are those who carry a heart. No soul can carry a heart, a burden too heavy to travel with. If a soul wants to reach it's destination, it must let go of the heart. This heart, which guided them, leaves them without orientation. They lose every feeling, they only suffer from what they can not feel. These souls are like crystals, they are indescribably beautiful, but once dropped, they shatter."

~The lonely soul circles around the guide~
"Why are you telling me this?"

~The guide smiles~
"I want your heart, isn't it simple?"

~The soul would flee, straight away from the guide, holding onto its heart dearly, carrying it into the unknown~

~The guide turns around, her expression changed from a smile to sadness~
"I am relieved that yet another soul has found it's path. If fear is the only way to make them escape their death, then it shall be. I will be alone forever, but at least I can help these souls survive. For that is my duty. That is why I am allowed to live."


I think you did a great job getting the colours to work :)
2016-12-02 8:44

Thank you, I might make a few changes though :P
2016-12-02 18:45 in reply to Sithicus