The Gorgon Slayer

By Elessar Taralom on October 7th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
34 6
9 0
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Her eyes don´t meet the penetrating gaze of the beast for one second. She can hear the snakelike creature move, slithering around on the dry leaves. Years of training and preparation have taught her exactly how to interpret every sound and movement her opponent makes without having to look at her. Euryale can hear the hissing of the snakes, but she is not afraid. Adrenaline is pumping through her veins; this is the chance she had been waiting for for so long. An epic fight to prove herself worthy as a warrior: a true slayer of monsters.
Gorgons are vivious creatures with a head full of snakes and a heart full of poison. Her hissing words are beckoning Euryale, trying to make her gaze at the unspeakable, but instead of listening to the deceiver, she graps her greatsword tight. The creature must be right behind her and with a smooth movement and a quick swing she turns around, merely registering the body in her peripheral vision and striking, fast like a serpent herself. A bloodcurling scream tears through the air and as the sound of a lifeless body collapsing on the ground gets to her, Euryale finally manages to look at her oponent. There she lies, the Gorgon, defeated by her very own hand and a testament of this warrior´s strength.
Slayer of the Snakes, that will be her title from now on and Euryale has fashioned her weapons in honour of this surname.

Hey guys,
Elessar here with a new look! This time I wanted to take a try at something more ancient and Roman, but adding my own twist to it. The idea of making a Gorgon or something related was stuck in my head for so long and with the Dragonscale Epaulets coming to the game I got just the right starting point!
As the Zodiac Greatsword fits the snake theme perfectly, I arranged my dye scheme around this weapon. With the other weapons I tried to find a balance between snake inspired and ancient looking weapons. Most of the armour parts are also to resemble an ancient armour with maybe a little fantastical element to it.
The Zodiac weapons are really one of my favourite sets and I hope I prove myself worthy to the ancient source material.
I wanted to include the Mist Scrim at first as a nod to her fighting blind, but sadly that thing bugs through pretty much everything, so I hope you still dig the overall idea
Enjoy my warrior queen ^^

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The screenshots are very well done, I like the first one and 12nd of the extra ones .D

I don't usually use light dyes but they look pretty nice on this one, they fit very well with the weapons. The tattoo in the face makes it fit perfectly with the character.
2016-10-08 6:40

I am confused as to why stuff like this gets so many bronze votes? Did I miss smth?
Personally I find this very well mixed, creative and with breathtaking dyes
I don´t remember seeing anything like this in game yet and the screens are gorgeous
I also like how you gave us two different parts of description, that´s a nice way of doing it
2016-10-08 10:01

Elessar Taralom
I can´t tell you either, the people voting bronze never have the balls to come forward about it ^^
Still wish commenting would be mandatory to vote as I am super fed up by these trolls
Thanks for your lovely comment though!
2016-10-08 10:06 in reply to marjory

Fashion Guru
Don't mind those cowardly trolls, they really have no idea about beautiful and well done looks and are only there to piss other ppl of.
I'd wish the admin(s) would be a little bit more active on this site in order to change a few things about the voting system because this shouldn't happen all the frikken time!

But enough of the ranting, I think we have to live with this for a while but you can be sure that there are plenty people who really love and appreciate everything about your looks and uploads, as well! You are always putting so much effort in your looks and your presentation and this alone is always gold worthy and this one is not an exception!

I am terribly jealous of you that you managed to create a look based on some anciend and old tales I think I'm struggeling for months to find something mythological that would look cool on my character but you hit the nail with that one. I really love how everything looks so well together! Every armour piece is such an amazing addition to the other it almost feels like it could be a set of its own!

What I love the most are the colours which are very elegant and royal looking and I feel this Roman mythology- vibe so hard here it's blowing me away. You even found the perfect face and the hair!!
Your screens are- as always- simply mind blowing- I especially love the ones with the angel statue!
Again, I don't get any troll and hate bronze vote but I know that they are unfair and simply a lie because this look is perfect and very beautiful and I cannot give you anything else than a big fat gold!!
2016-10-08 12:10

F*** the haters, take your well deserved gold!
2016-10-08 12:12

Another AMAZING upload from you! Nothing less to be expected ;D
The armor really gives me this greek hero vibe! Your colour-concept with the gold, blue, whitish dyes definitely hits my taste!!! Her face-tattoo adds some nice mystical touch!
Weapon-choice is spot on! The snake-GS looks like a weapon, known for its heroic kills here!
On the screens you topped yourself this time! Chosing the greek-style locations and getting such athmospheric screens there, absolutely nails the theme!
Lightnings. flames and greek pillars make these screenshots tell an ancient tale of the gorgon slayer!
Hyper Gold from me :D

PS: the hate-trolls really seem to get out of hand. I cannot imagine so many people justifying a Bronze vote here (i cant even imagine 1 bronze vote justified here!), but this amount of bronze definitely screams "hate-vote" to me ...
Really sad that some people seem to be so keen of trolling/hating
2016-10-08 17:34

Fashion Guru
I like that screen where your toon looking back over the shoulders while rains falling. Were these taken in Edge of The Mist?
2016-10-08 18:51

Elessar Taralom
Yeah, in the Green Keep, I was super lucky our server was green this week ^^
2016-10-08 19:40 in reply to xKratos

Why so m,any bronze votes? Are you kidding me? Maybe people are jealous or sth. The mix, dye and screenshots are great. And the description very atmosphreric. Definetely a gold.
2016-10-09 18:29

Aldro Vanda
This looks awesome, I'm just not a fan of front and bottom armor not connecting where it's intended. But even so it's really, really cool looking. Have a gold.
2016-10-10 20:50

Fashion Guru
Okay, so...
It seems like you guys are confused as to how this upload can get bronze votes, and deem it all to just be hate votes.
To me, this is definitely NOT a bronze vote. but I must admit that i can understand how this look may not appeal to every1 and I do understand how some people would only vote bronze on this.
I do agree that comments should be mandatory for at least bronze votes and below.

1. I think the armor looks quite... different to one another and I have a hard time seeing the true relationship between these together.
2. The balance in the use of gold/blue seem a bit off to me, especially on the back, where you have a lot of blue and very little gold to bring it together.
3. I think a lighter skin color would work better with the color scheme on the armor, the one you've used here just seem a bit off to me.

Your presentation is as always amazing, but I personally can't give this the usual gold.
so you get a rare silver from me this time.
2016-10-10 23:37

Elessar Taralom
I am totally okay with getting a well explained silver and I appreciate that you took the time to write some feedback
I can see your point with the distribution of the blues, but sadly the leg piece is very limited when it comes to dye slots
Disagree about the skin colour however; since she is supposed to be mediterranean I don´t think a fair skin tone would fit her
As I said, I can understand a silver vote as I definitely do not claim dips on a gold vote no matter what I do, but for me personally I could never rate a look bronze that put effort into description and screens as a fair evaluation of the sliders could never get an overall bronze
Maybe I am just measuring by my own voting standards too much, but it is nothing new that there are increasing unfair seeming bronze votes as of late that not only occur under my own looks, so yeah, I think mandatory commenting for bronze/no medal would reveal who really IS trolling and who wants to express a fundated opinion
2016-10-11 5:47 in reply to Roamin

Fashion Guru
The skin color is just a personal preference, with the overall color scheme. Also this wouldn't get me to vote any lower, but i thought i would mention it anyways.

Sadly not every1 cares too much about a fair use of the slider system, and even if a lot of effort has been put into certain parts of the upload, and this is of a very high quality. if they dislike the style itself, they will vote everything badly.
2016-10-11 6:37 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Collector
I wonder how this site would be like without a voting system at all. It should have an option to like.. "like" or "favorite" a look, perhaps some "good quality upload" as well? No downvote option. Also allow comments ofc. I'd like such a system as I personally don't care for medals. Anyways, I really adore this look :) lovely fresh colors and really getting that Roman vibe. Only thing I'm not crazy about is the gloves (perhaps the way they dye?) but I can see why you picked em. There might not be a better option. The action poses in your screens are amaaaazing. :D
2016-10-11 9:50

Elessar Taralom
Sounds pretty cool actually!
I´d rather prefer some more feedback over simple votes (regardless if they are gold, silver or bronze) and I feel like this site should be more about feedback than ranking anyways
Thank you for your feedback, it is as always greatly appreciated! About the gloves: there might very well be a better option, I pretty quickly decided to use these ones, maybe I should thoroughly check through all the options ^^
2016-10-11 10:22 in reply to Beckie93

Fashion Guru
The light blue in the character screens does seem a bit overpowering, but in the action screens with the weapons, it makes perfect sense.
2016-10-13 3:47

not sure why this is silver, presentation alone is so amazing!!! gold gold gold
2017-05-15 10:26

What a lovely look! I just changed my rev and came here to post my look and yours was the first one I loved too. Congrats!
2017-07-20 7:59

Elessar Taralom
Thank you! I´ll definitely take a look at your creation as well, always happy to see new stylists! ^^
Btw you might accidentally given me a bronze vote? ; ;"
You can pull the individual sliders to the right/left: the further right, the better the vote
2017-07-20 8:47 in reply to stuffup