Morticia Eirsdottir - Demonic Necromancer

By Teleoceras on October 4th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Calling herself the forgotten daughter of Eir Stegalkin, she claims to have been the love child of a very young Eir and a necromancer which may have been a demon in disguise. The one Norn who called her a liar to her face now has her left arm as Morticia's scepter.

Once Morticia hit puberty, her demonic origins became more apparent physically which the norn has embraced to the fullest. Whether it is a cold moonlight night or a horrific battlefield littered with bodies, Morticia is always attracted to the darkness outside which matches her soul.


Elessar Taralom
I definitely see where you are coming from with this look and it goes really well with your story
Her face looks particularly cool with the mask and it´s your strongest point imo
While I like the upper half of your look, I am not quite convinced by the legs you chose; the colour sections of the skirt are bound to clash with the top piece, always looking kinda cut off, so I´d maybe try a different leg piece so she doesn´t look so cut in half
Also I don´t mind that you went with a simpler dye scheme, but only using two dyes rarely looks very good, so I´d put a third dye for accentuation in there; I could imagine a dark grey or gold looking well, or simply another shade of red
Your accessoires like wings and weapons fit really well with her overall appeal, like the little story around the scepter :p
The screens could need some more variety when it comes to camera work and posing and maybe you could try to find a more fitting location for such an evil character
Overall I see great potential in this look and should you decide to take some of my suggestions into consideration I will gladly come back and turn my silver to gold! ^^
2016-10-05 4:00

Fashion Guru
Like the idea and how you build around the scepter, the facepart and the wings with the demonic story.
What I dislike is the dark color combination and the armor choice.
For colors, maybe use more fleshy colors. They would fit great with the backpiece and the scepter.
As for armors I agree with Elessar, and maybe a skirt isn't the best choice on this look...
2016-10-05 6:00