Areto Occisor - Battle hardened Amazon

By Teleoceras on September 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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A noble from Divinity's Reach and a member of the Vigil. Areto came from a family of soldiers. Her father was a warrior while her mother was a Guardian. She has a thirst for battle and never flinched from it even after she lost an eye fighting Zhaitan.

Historical note - Areto was an Amazon who's name in Greek meant "unspeakable". Occisor is Latin for "killer". So her name means "Unspeakable Killer".


Fashion Guru
Like the armor and the overall idea on the character.
The dyejob is... what can I say. The black and red theme gets old for me but it certainly fits for an "unspeakable killer". However I can only say: Try to avoid shadow abyss or super dark colors in general. They hide all details in the armor which makes it really monotone and nothing special. Try to go for more metal-ish colors and then you can use maybe a darker red to stand out from the metal(?).
However, the weapons fit with their red glow.
The description helped me understand why you chose the dyes after all.
The screenshots are what's dragging this down a lot. Boring LA screenshots with weapon drawn. Try to get good scenery, play with the camera settings and get some good action shots or emote shots. This would really make your upload a lot better especially since your armor has metal parts with nice reflection (with good lighting).
Silver from me for now.
2016-10-04 16:43