(Mortal Kombat) Sub-Zero Tribute

By Lionheart_Loner on May 21st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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I know, his pants are clipping through his boots... But well... Whatever :D

Actual description: Mortal Kombat is a pretty brutal fighting game. One of it's many characters is Sub-Zero, a ninja and master of ice "magic". So his deal is all about ice attacks. His colors are black&blue. So... That's it. This look is supposed to deliver the feel of brutality.


Well, I don't know Mortal Kombat very well, but it still looks very good ! The boots look maybe a bit too tiny, but it's still a good look.
Dyes are a bit simple but it's a cosplay so I assume it's normal.
More screen and a longer description could have been good though !
2016-05-22 5:24

Fashion Guru
It's interesting that you chose a heavy armour class to recreate this character!
I love Sub Zero and I really like his whole setting and he is pretty rad.
I think you did a nice job with the colours, of course they are a little bit simple and plain but still capturing the colours of that character.
While I appreciate your attempt here I am not entirely sure about the armour. I love the bottom piece it's actually quite fitting but I am not too sure about the headpiece, the chest and the boots.Maybe the Koda- chestpiece would be a little bit better since the character's arms are actually naked? Also I think a bit more sleak gloves and boots would be a little bit better since I don't remember him being all spikey and that xD
I like your weapons especially the sword is very fitting.
To your presentation- please please please do some more screens, the Shiverpeaks- area is a perfect place to capture some nice and diverse shots with your character and a longer description would have been nice, as well ^^
2016-05-22 7:24

Thanks for your comment! I've figured it doesn't come close to the real thing so I've added the "Homage", since this look is tribute to Sub-Zero. Come to think of it I should change that Homage into Tribute right away, lol. I don't know... But this look really screams "SUB-ZERO" whenever I look at it. Although it's nothing like the actual costume. I guess I chose an spiky version since in the Mortal Kombat games you actually pierce people with pointy stuff, lol. Gotta try your advice with those Shiverpeaks.
2016-05-22 7:35 in reply to AnaChronism

uhm wow. i don't play mortal combat and don't know sub-zero, but i absolutely LOVE all the spikes and the brutality in this look! especially the upper part (chest+gauntlets+shoulders+head) looks really badass. this outfit looks especially nice from the back view imo because the chestpiece merges really well with the legpiece.
only the dyes look kinda flat to me :/ but since you made a cosplay or at least tribute, there was not much choice i guess
2016-05-22 8:33

Thanks man, appreciate it. Well I got my hands tied in terms of colors here. I want to respect the source material. I'm still struggling with taking the perfect screens. Guess I gotta push my graphics and look for the best backgrounds ingame, huh?
2016-05-22 11:56 in reply to Chro

Fashion Guru
That sounds reasonable to me ^^ Well the armour itself still doesn't look bad but now I know your intentions why you decided to take this kind of look.
2016-05-22 12:40 in reply to Lionheart_Loner

Fashion Collector
Not so bad
2016-05-22 18:07

Need more screens! Doesn't look much like Sub-Zero, but it's still a nice armor look :D
2016-05-22 20:53