Manly Man Mesmer Norn

By Lionheart_Loner on May 22nd, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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1 2
2 1
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Look... Nothing screams manlyness like running around in pink~ish colors while shooting purple butterflies. I guess I believe this lie.
There aren't many good clothes for male characters, agreed? I was just dicking around when I stumbled upon this look. Give me criticism, guide my hips please. It must be in those girl~ish colors but still remain menacing... Huh... :/ (I think the shoulder skin is super unimportant because the head piece overwrites kinda the shoulder...?)


I think you and Dances With Chickens ( would get along great.
2016-05-22 16:08

That specific pic... Him throwing rose petals cracks me up, lol
2016-05-22 16:29 in reply to KestrelGirl

uhh lol...i do not know what to say :P
2016-05-23 8:48

hm i dont really like the dye, its too different, maybe choose one of it not for every part of the body other colours
2016-05-26 7:37

Fashion Guru
I think this look is very unusual and I love th colours in the environments you have chosen
2020-08-07 8:53