[Steampunk] Pummeling Avenger

By subarunyon on May 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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Steampunk look for a guardian inspired by American superheroes. In between saving the world from dragons, Ichigo Milfeulle dons this armor to help the world in ways that the pact commander couldnt!


I love your 1st screenshot with golem.
Your armor mix are quiet unique for heavy armor imo.
But I think celestial dye is too bright.If the white part look more like steel or rusty that would be good ;)
2016-05-19 4:02

Thanks for the comment! Out of the non celestial dyes my favourite is crushed bone, but it's so expensive ;; I'll try some steel-ish color to match the hammer though :)
2016-05-19 6:23 in reply to Elenoob

Fashion Guru
Really nice screens. Like the armour mix as well though I am not a big fan of the pants they have a weird look to it that I don't really like but it's just one armour piece of many so it's just a small personal disconnection ^^ The overall look is still nice and I like the matching weapons here.
I have to agree with Elenoob, the dyes are a bit too bright and I am missing the steampunkish feeling here. Something more rusty would be really great, try to get a bit more "dirty" golden tone and did you try Mithril as a alternative to white? Maybe that would look slightly better :>
2016-05-19 7:36

Elessar Taralom
Overall an interesting look with a few things that slightly throw me off
While I really like most of the armour pieces you used (especially top and shoulders are a cool mix I didn´t really see before), I just dislike the pants immensly as they always kinda look like a diaper :x
I actually don´t mind the dye job as such, as white/gold/blue is always a pretty mix, I just don´t feel that it looks steampunkish
Love your screens and would love some more description to definitely make this a gold; silver for now, but I´d be happy to give a gold in case you decide to tweak her a bit!
2016-05-20 4:59