Chak Whisper

By grayskull on April 22nd, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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This look is inspired by the Chak mobs. Playing throw HoT i saw lot of Chak about and i was amazing at just how well they where designed. At first i was hopping they would be able to be tamed, But sadly you are not.
Some time later i realize there was an entire Chak weapon set and a mini so my goal was set i would design an entire look based of the chak mobs and get me that mini.

The armor dyes has been carefully picked to match the weapons as best as possible.


Wow, I would say, you nailed it ;P
The armor choice is perfect imo. Even the striders armor doesn't look to modern, but like some sort of chak part.
Great chak look! Your sylvari fits in there so well.
Dyes are great in the screen, but look a bit too bright in the character screen. So they could be a tiny bit darker for my taste.
If there would be anybody, who can tame a chak, I think it's your sylvari with his leylines around :)
However, this is a gold!
2016-04-22 8:10

Thank you glad you like it =D
Character screen lighting is always brighter than in-game its a bit annoying. i put that picture there so you could see the entre outfit as its quite dark in those Chak caves XD
2016-04-22 8:14

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
I know how hard it is to dye this theme... i also have a chak look on the way :) love seeing how u took your way to it! maybe we can make a duo look if u hit me up ingame Deathblade.4856 smart use of the chest with the leyline. fits perfect in my opinion! gj
2016-04-22 8:23

Fashion Guru
Alone, i'm not a big fan of the color scheme and item combo, but with the chak weapons it just seem to bring it all together, and makes it work quite well.
I agree with Nanaltalia, that the dyes could be a little darker but overall very well done.
Good Job! :)
2016-04-22 8:58

What a nice Chak look!
Very original theme, havent seen it much :D
Your dyes match the weapons perfectly and the coat looks a bit like skin and flesh ... which is kinda creepy :S
Gj, Gold from me!
2016-04-22 9:08

Amazing ! And very original !
I love it !
2016-04-22 13:55

Hot damn. Have a gold.
2016-04-22 15:02

Fashion Guru
"By the Pale Tree, I think I've found my long lost twin brother! " ( It's a little unreal how close your sylvari looks to mine. There are differences of course, like different armor pieces and body characteristics (skin/eye color) not to mention there was always bound to be someone that would made a look inspired by the Chak. It's just surprising to me how many similar ideas we had: Male thief sylvari, same hair, Chak weapons, Accursed armor and Leystone pieces. (I'm still working on getting those shoulders, though. *shakes fist*) Heck, if you can believe it I almost went for the same black eye-color too.

Call me biased but I think you did a great job with this look. It's a highly original concept that's accentuated by your selections: from your weapons to armor to dyes and even character creation, everything flows well. My one caveat is your screenshots. They are well-composed but seem a bit lacking in comparison the other aspects of your look. While not a detriment to your overeall style, I think they could be refined through a little more variety in posing, such as with emotes or a little combat.

The armor/weapon/dyes pieces you chose are quite fitting to your theme. The Leystone pieces are perfect for the Leyline eating Chak and the chest and leg pieces look like their hard exoskeleton and soft underbelly. Your dyes solidify that concept through blue "teeth" and purple "skin" that reflect your weapons quite well. My only nitpick is that I would've liked to seen the leystone pieces dyed a more neutral color. They are rocky and mineral-like with a blue effect flowing through them. A different color could have better shown off those aspects.

Despite everything else, I think the characteristics you chose for your sylvari are what seal the idea for this look. The purple skin adds a layer of ambiguity. It makes it hard to distinguish whether or not its your character's skin that's hardened (to look like a Chak?) or if he's garbed himself in Chak hide; either way it really helps sell the look that he's been underground for a while. The same can be said about his hair and eyes. In dark and underground places creatures tend to rely more on touch than sight, so they deafult to using their hair, antenae and/or whiskers to detect their surroundings and defend themselves. Whether or not this was your plan I think it was adequately reflected in your choice of spiky hair (for defense and detection) and big, black eyes (for better light absorbtion).

All in all, this is a great look. You have an excellent theme, a good combination of armor/weapon skins, dyes that could use some touches but are mostly well-chosen and a good grasp of screenshots that could be refined through some more diversity.
2016-04-22 15:12

Fashion Collector
Once again, really good work!
2016-04-22 15:45

Wow everyone so kind, Such lovely comments glad you like the overall theme.

Ursaring: your so close to my deign its kind of spooky =D
Your right about the color chose i was trying to give the impression that this character had been underground for so long that he had start to take on some of the characteristic of the chak like the Leystone armor and softer pink underbelly and blue horns and spikes.
The main reason behind me dying the Leystone like that was so they would match up with the Chak teeth/claws detailing on the weapons. The problem with being underground when used a sylvari as your race is they have a nasty habit of glowing in the dark Arggggg even when you don't want them to, which make the dye tones i use for this look seam a little of. Even tho there are spot on in normal light. That the main reason for adding the home screen picture which im not a big fan of. I may take some pictures above ground to show how it look not glowing.

Your are so totally right my screenshots definitely need some work, without a doubt there are my my weakest part of all of my costume but i'm learning to take better ones.
2016-04-22 16:31

Elessar Taralom
Chakk looks seem to be booming lately, I also still have one on my "To-upload" list xD
I like the armour pieces you chose as they present a good mix of beastly and leystone inspired, really fitting to the Chakk
As for the dye scheme, I think you got the basic colours just right, although I feel that there should be more of the Brandywine and a bit less of the Rose Tint
Some more screens and descriptions would be great, but you already gave us a really good impression of your creativity!
2016-04-23 5:25

perfect armor choice and dyes for chak weapons. gold!
2016-04-24 10:38