Exalted Warrior 2.0

By grayskull on July 15th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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After seeing the new Auric weapon and back piece i new i had to make a look based on then. I work hard to find just the right dye combo for the armour in a way that the metal tones would match up to the weapons.
The green glow (Green Poly-luminescent undulating Refractors) just helps everything stand out and give it that Exulted look.

Update to look:
The first time I designed this look I though I had gotten the dye down well but looking back at it now, I now know that was not true and after many many hours of tinkering, going though every dye I own, I mean every single one lol
I was able to find in my opinion the most perfect combo of dyes there are for this look and im now over 100% happy with her new look.

You may be asking why it tuck so dang long to get the right dye combo? Well the reason the dye on this character tuck so many hours to get right is when you put on the (Green Poly-luminescent undulating Refractors) It completely changes and and all dye on my character to a completely different colour =S
Just take a look at the log in picture for this character, what a total mess it looks but once in game those colour combinations i chose all most blend in completely seamlessly.

I would add the weapons to this looks profile, which are the Auric weapons BTW but there are not in the drop down list at all =S sorry.


Green infusion is a good idea but you might want to play around more with the underlying dyes to get it to match better with the Auric gold. Overall nice concept.
2018-07-16 1:23

You can not match it better that is as good as it get unfortunately as the green aura changers the look of each dye drastically in different light, trust i spent hour and hours trying every dye i own which is a lot of dyes to get as close as match as this.

SO it turns out the Auric Basin map dose not help with my dye choses, as it as seams to have it own green glow tied to the map which changes the look of my character dyes just enough for it to not quite match the weapons good as it dose in any other zone.
See the picture i just tuck within Lion Arch for example with out the green map glow from the Auric Basin it matches the weapons perfectly in my opinion.
2018-07-16 13:25