The Antique Prophetess

By Acethyle on April 19th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
31 5
5 0
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The blue prophetess is a true asset to those who are on her side. She can predict the end of the worlds, the ends of the nations. She witnessed the fall of a multitude of kings. But her... she will never fall. She is eternal. She could make you win every battle, and make you the richest person that ever existed. She could make you become the king of all. Thanks to her, you could dominate the world. But.. for how long ? You should be careful. Nobody knows where she comes from after all. Does she at least comes from this world ? There is no guarantee that she will not betray you at some time. Because ultimately, she obeys to no one, and belongs to no one. She acts of her free will, and nobody knows her true purpose. In the end, will you take the risk to approach her?


Hello o/
I decided to make a new look for my mesmer! I couldn't decide between a dark and a white dye scheme, so I decided to upload 2 different versions of this chest/gloves/leggings combo, with 2 different themes.
This first version is inspired by Egypt and pharaohs. I tried to create my own version of an egyptian enchantress.

Armor: For this look I really wanted to use this hood, because it somehow reminds me of Egypt. Same for the gloves, I think they are very fitting with the theme, and with all the ornaments on the armor. The chest and the leggings really look like they are from the same set, and all the details on them are very interesting. The shoulders and the boots seem to fit very well with the armor, especially because of the golden parts.

Dyes: To look like pharaohs' colors I used a mix of blue and gold. I used some lighter blue on the chest to match the gems on the shoulders, the staff, and the sword.

Weapons: I tried to find some weapons that could belong to the egyptian theme. So the staff was an obvious choice! Because of his shape, the blue gem, and the gold on it that matches the gold on the armor. The greatsword and the sword for the gold and blue, and the kind of wing shape. And of course the focus because he looks so cool and it was the opportunity to use it in a look :p

I will upload the white version soon. Hope you like it ! :)


Oh, what's this, it looks so cool!
In my head, I'm trying to figure out, what she looks like, but I just don't know xD
Maybe a priest of an unknow religion from an exotic land :)
I love the dyes, they make a great contrast to the white face. The green parts on the chest look like made from jade and the blue pants add enough color to make it not just a boring gold-black mix. Weapons are great, the staff fits perfect.
Screens are lovely as always and suit her look so well!
It has to be gold! :)
2016-04-19 8:21

That was a creative thing you did with the facepaint on Norns. Gold.
2016-04-19 8:35

Awesome... You are the master of great head decoration. I've never thought that the apostle cowl can enhance an outfit.
It always looked strange to me, but for this look it's the most important piece imo.
I love the dyes, I love the screenshots and I'm really excited to see the white version. *-*
Take my gold. :)
2016-04-19 8:48

Fashion Guru
What a wonderful look.
I love Egyptian- inspired looks they always get me! Also I think you really succeeded representing this theme. Your tattoo choice is very perfect and works so well together with the helmet. And speaking of helmet- I love the armour mix soo much! I really love every piece you used and I am glad that you didn't go for some more "outstanding" shoulders. The chestpiece looks so awesome on her!
The dyes are amazing, very elegant and fitting to the overall theme. Also you chose very fitting weapons especially the staff and the scepter are reminding me of the Egyptian Gods!
Screens are as always amazing the locations are just perfect.
Gold!!! :3
2016-04-19 9:22

2nd row 3rd picture is a winner. This should be your main picture! Gold!
2016-04-19 9:43

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
I am glad u still got the Eternal sands ^^ its perfect for u. i said it ingame already your look has a rare positive vibe to it >;)
2016-04-19 9:46

Elessar Taralom
I really love the look! It is creative and fits a certain theme which is easily recognizable which is underlined by your again brilliant screens
The hood is rarely used and it´s refreshing to see (but damn you, I wanted to use it for a look as well in the future :P)
Great choice of weapons and I am really looking forward to your upload of her alternative design!
Take the gold ^^
2016-04-19 9:55

Fashion Guru
Everytime I see one of your entries It always amazes me how you manage to mesh so many different dyes together to look so bold but always exactly what the look should be! (if that makes sense?) LOL You will always get my gold ... Your screens are always so clear and the lighting is amazing!
2016-04-19 11:10

What should i say? ^^
Perfect screens, perfect armor, perfect dyes, perfect weapons, perfect story, perfect everything!
I think you succeeded big time in creating a prophet look! It is super unique and looks amazing!
Have the goldest of golds! Wait ... did she see that coming? ;D
2016-04-19 11:30

I really like it because I love egypt mythology and stuff. It's a very unusual tatto that you use, with the hood that we almost never see, so it's great in all points. That's clearly a gold !
But, I don't know I don't feel the same thing about this look, than I feel about all your other looks. It's awesome, but not as awesome as usual. Maybe I'll prefer white version ? Well, anyway, even if it's not my favorite it's still very good !
2016-04-19 12:13

awesome as always, your armor combos always look original and fantastic. i love her pale face and dead eyes, they are pleasantly spooky :)
2016-04-19 15:04

Fashion Collector
It's an interesting concept. I don't finish to like the Golden Wing stuff, but I can pass with this.
2016-04-19 16:47

Fashion Guru
At First glance i thought, it looked like some sort of alien race priestess you would see in a sci fi movie, without a neck, due to the way the Cowl and facepaint makes everthing blend together.
It really is a Unique and wonderful look, Gold as always :D
2016-04-19 18:18

Binny Babbit
I loved that you used the apostle hood! Hopefully more people will see how awesome it is and we'll see more usage of it. Nice color combo and armor details as well.
2016-04-19 21:03

Look great but the head is kinda off in my opinion
2016-04-20 2:25

Wow! the scenes are the perfect complement and contrast showing off your look. Deserves gold
You nailed the prophetess look without a doubt. By the way, I love the pale white face. Is that norn face paint by any chance?

2016-04-20 2:39

So you give me bronze because the face looks off ?
2016-04-20 7:47 in reply to AlexJustice

Thank you ! Yes it's a norn tattoo :)
2016-04-20 7:48 in reply to Solaris

Thanks everyone for the kind words ! =)
2016-04-20 7:53

If you ask me AlexJustice dosn't know how to vote gold or silver. He/she is a new member and voted 8 times bronze for looks though he/she liked them.
2016-04-20 8:28 in reply to Acethyle

This is frikin amazing! I bow down to you /sir/ma'am :)
2016-04-20 10:32

Fashion Guru
I think you might be right, seen people not knowing what the sliders are for before, and therefore just voted bronze on everything.
We need some way to make sure people understand the voting system before they are able to vote imo.
2016-04-20 13:01 in reply to silvertree

hahaha I agree with Silvertree, you are master of orginal head-armor :D
I love use of Eternal Sands in you look, in my opinion it's perfect here.
great look and locations for screens always on point :)
2016-04-21 6:30

Fashion Guru
He's spooks me out , I like :D !
2016-04-21 13:59