Taeis Updated!

By Taeis on April 15th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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8 3
4 0
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So I posted my thief awhile ago as Golden Treasures. Shes undergone some cosmetic surgeries since then and I decided I wanted to change her look to something really sleek and kinda sexy in a James Bond strong female temptress type way. She's my main with about 3/4 of my hours played being on her and I wanted something special that I hadn't seen before.

Also...I was very sick of trench coats. The second I saw the bladed leggings I knew those were going to be the piece I was building around, and then it was just the pvp grind to get my top and the look was completed!

While the merciless weapons while not my favorite just seemed to fit the look the best.
The colors are kind of generic thiefy I guess, but it just felt right for her main PvE armor(the WvW version is navy and orange).

Finally trying to find a place to take screen shots of this outfit was really hard, nothing seemed suitable so I finally settled on the Mai Trin fractal. And I'll be honest I was having a reallly hard time with screen shots here so they kind suck, Thieves don't have as many nice animations for screen shot taking lol

Thanks for checking out my look! Any comments, suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Elessar Taralom
I adore most of your screens, they are gorgeous and well timed!
I like the futuristic approach and her overall look, even though the space between top and legs bugs me a bit
I first thought the dyes to be a bit monochrome, but seeing that you did actually use different shades of grey I quite like it and I think an additional colour would just throw it off
Really nice upload overall ^^
2016-04-15 17:55

At first I have to say... the main screenshot is absolutly perfect! Love it!
You choose an authentic thief outfit. It's sad, that chest and leg armor don't blend into each other. But that's a problem everybody has to deal with creating medium armor without coat. :/ So it's a knickknack.
Your dyes are fitting to. I like that you use different "black" colors.
You did a good job here, I like this one even more than "Golden Treasures". Gold from me. ;)
2016-04-16 1:53

Your action screens are awesome! Also armor combination is unique and orginal compared to hight amount of underboob thieves :D
Armor looks very mobility and asasin like. Dye job is fine for me, third colour would be to much in my opinion.
I like everything about your look, gold :)
2016-04-16 6:54

Fashion Collector
Sleek, stylish and simple. I like it. Great screenshots, too.
2016-04-16 21:40

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
This to me. Looks like a real thief. good job on the combo with the leggings. beside that you got perfect timing in your screenshots. really well done. gold from me as well.
2016-04-17 6:33