Celestial Scholar

By Hylek on March 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Hey peoplez :D

My ele got a new look after finishing the guild-legpiece and i wanted to share it here!
I know the armor comb isnt too exciting, since many people made a similar style already. Still i thought i should show you my version of this comb.

As theme i was aiming for something angelic and heavenly, combined with a more human thematic, "scholar" in this case.
I had the idea of a researcher of the heavens and spectator of the stars, with a spiritual connection to it ... maybe some kind of priestess rather.

I think the glorious chest matches this legpiece best and built around that comb. The shoulders kinda looked like a compass kind of thing, which i found to be quite fitting for the theme. A naked head looked pretty off with the rest of the outfit so i went for the hood.
The colour-scheme was meant to match the backpiece.
Aaaaand ... i thought the Bifrost matches the theme quite well too, so i used it ;)

I hope you like my version of this style and that you like the screens!

Greetingz o/


Fashion Collector
I like how you managed the color table for making every piece to fit with the others. Even when using the Dwayna backpiece, the look is really shining and clean. Gold, indeed.
2016-03-29 22:09

Fashion Guru
Bifrost = that one rainbow road from Mariokart. XD
2016-03-29 22:59

Fashion Collector
I specifically like the dye combo on the cabalist hood you make that hood look way fancier than it is, and it ties perfectly with the legs which is what you wanted to showcase. LOVE the screens, Hylek you take some of the best screens like for real. How you got all the different auras contrasted behind the dark night sky makes the look out of this world, or as you said celestial. Easy gold from me.
2016-03-29 23:18

Fashion Guru
I find it hard to find a style with the chrono shoulders, that fit them so well and you did great! The theme you aimed for, you nailed it :)
Armor is perfect, dyes are perfect (I just love the dyes) and the screens are perfect as well. You created an original, excellent look as always.
GOLD! :)
2016-03-30 2:00

Really beautiful! Your armor combination is perfect. The dyes are perfectly matched with dwaynas backpiece.
Even the blue part of the wings is taken up in the guild pants. Awesome!
Your screenshots are great as always. ;)
2016-03-30 5:23

Elessar Taralom
Another amazing look! For once an elementalist where the use of Bifrost is really incorporated and validated!
The colours are soft and I love them especially on the chest piece
Most of the screens are simply amazing and those which arenĀ“t are simply BREATHTAKING (Haha, gotcha! :D)
I particularly love the one with the magnet aura, soooooo good!
Have my gold ofc!
2016-03-30 5:33

Your main screen is soo awesome *u*
I love everything of this look! Colors are great, armor combination is just perfect, everythis is consistent.
And screens are like cherry on top.
Beautiful look, gold :3
2016-03-30 6:19

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Mesmerized.... even tho you're an ele. gold
2016-03-30 7:58

perfect mix and i really like the dyes *-* awesome!
2016-03-30 8:48

Pure gold, the first screen is awesome ! :D
2016-03-30 10:01

your screens are breathtaking! pure gold.
2016-03-30 10:02

Fashion Guru
great look again, have my gold!
2016-03-30 10:08

De La Croix
Aaaaaaarg i hate u!!!
I would do an outfit so similari to this, with same epaluette top and legs t.t now i have to change my outfit!!! :(.
Bdw gold i love combo and yr dyes, gold gold
2016-03-30 10:24

Fashion Collector
This is so beautiful! One of the best Ele's I think Ive ever seen. Loooooove your screens and your dyes! GOLD!
2016-03-30 11:22

Fashion Guru
Whooaa the mix and the colors are so perfect! Even the backpiece fits perfectly! And the weapons too especially Bifrost! Very fitting!
Those screens are amazing! I love the ones with the sky full of stars *-* The theme is so well found :)
I love her! Bronze ofc :D
2016-03-30 11:26

Simply amazing Hy!
2016-03-30 12:21

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU ALL *group hug*
Its so amazing to read all your comments! I love every single one!
Thanks for that overwhelming feedback ^,^
2016-03-30 13:07


i really like the combination of the dyes!! its everything so well fitting

2016-03-30 14:18

TY Anchona, glad you like it :)
2016-03-30 18:23

I really love the armor mix. The thing I don't really like about the hood is that it hides the hair :( But however, good job! :D
2016-03-31 9:39

Thx Migg! Yeah the thing with the hair is annoying :/
2016-03-31 12:49

Fashion Guru
What a beautiful character, again!
I love the armour mix it's a natural and beautiful look and especially on an elementalist it looks very nice! I love the dyes they are bright and soft and are matching the backpiece quite well! The legendary staff fits so perfectly and I loove the screens you made.
A wonderful and awesome look that deserves all the gold :3
2016-04-03 13:47

Thanks so much Ana, im happy you like it ^,^
2016-04-03 13:53

An awesome white mage look where the bifrost matches the outfit.
Love the light cream complementing the blue and great use of the perseverance dye for the gold trims on the armor pieces
Gold for the win :D
2016-04-08 14:17

Ty Solaris! This colour-concept is prolly my favorite, nice to hear you like it :D
2016-04-08 16:24

Fashion Collector
Good mage concept.
2016-06-14 12:28

Fashion Guru
Love it! Especially in combination with the colours! Looks great!
2017-05-07 7:12

Thanks Mandalara :D
2017-05-07 9:06