Recent Orrian Studies

By Hylek on February 17th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Sheila, a head-researcher of the Priory of Durmand, got hints of ancient orrian texts which were discovered to be in possession of the White Mantle. Luckily the defeat of Caudecus left his manor unguarded, so Sheila could get to the bottom of these rumors without much trouble. And indeed she found an interesting manuscript about the temples around Arah. The language was ancient so she had to do quite some studying to decipher those words, nothing that the archives of Durmand couldn’t solve though. It said that there were forms of old celebration-days devoted to the “convergence of the gods”.
Gixx didn’t give much about orrian documents after Zhaitan was defeated. He is too busy studying about the other dragons now. Sheila however, thought that even the tiniest bit of knowledge about every elder dragon was of great value, especially after getting into direct contact with Taimi and her theory about the spectrum of magic.
After boarding a pact-airship, which was about to send troops to the cursed shore, she headed out to search for the hidden messages around the temples of the human gods.

Hey there o/

This time i wanted to show you my steampunkyish look for my ranger.
It is created around the practical scribes backpack and supposed to resemble some sort of researcher or tomb raider.
The colours are therefore chosen to fit the backpiece aswell.
For the weapons i had the idea of her fighting with old relics that she found during her studies. The bowskin was already available in GW1, so i thought it fits this theme and also brings in another bit of green to match her hair ;D

The screens are kinda related to the story. I hope you enjoy them :)

Greetingz, the frog!


Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
I like that u use a set of candles hah. careful u dont burn those orrian scripts. cool idea u have here a steampunk tomb researcher.. I am sure not a lot of ppl would come up with that! screens and dyes are always perfect not a single bad thing to say here. however for the weapon choice. explain to me for the bow choice. gold from me
2017-02-18 7:05

Fashion Collector
It's really wonderful how the outlaw pants studed look meshes well with the magitech coat, wouldn't expect it to look as good as it does, nice job!
2017-02-18 11:08

Elessar Taralom
I am SO in love with the dye job, it´s just this really perfect leather mix, yet it still looks super interesting and intriguing and not like brown mush at all
Her green hair makes such a colorful contrast to the natural armour, I love it
She simply looks like such a nice character, a slightly crazy researcher and the weapons are spot on
I particularly like the main screen, the scrolls look super cool texturewise!
This has to be my favourite outfit for this character, gold all day long!
2017-02-18 18:40

Very nice use of the wintersday torch! The armor looks great too, everything fits together nicely. My only gripe is the hair, super neon when everything else is so natural :( Otherwise, amazing work as always :D
2017-02-18 21:12

Fashion Guru
What a great armor mix. Everything blends together so well.
2017-02-19 4:45

Thank you so much guys :D
Im glad you like this style!
2017-02-19 8:12

As i said in the description, i thought of her weapons to be some relics she found during her researches. The bow was already a skin in gw1, so i thought i can use it since it fits her hairstyle well and ties that a little into the comb.
2017-02-19 8:13 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

Yeah the hair is the reason why i was unsure to upload this :S
I dont want to change it though, because its still needed for my favorite look of her.

Its nice that you appreciate the torch! I got it as an x-mas gift :D
*Thank you Ana ^,^*
2017-02-19 8:16 in reply to frederickx

I love the dyes you used, they look perfect, even more in the back of the character. If I had to change a dye it would be the Warmth dye in the Outlaw Pants and put one slighty darker, but it's like 99% in my opinion of course ^^

About the hair I have to say the same as frederickx, I'd say it's the "worst" part of it. Did you try using a hood maybe?
Anyways, I like the look in general :) Good job as always! :D
2017-02-19 13:23

Thank you Migg!
Yeah i was almost going to use the aviator cap, but i really liked these goggles and the kind of crazy flair they add to the look.
Usually i wouldve used a hairstyle-kit, but i cant change the hair of my ranger because of my main outfit.
And about the pants, i wanted to get it darker too ... but it dyes pretty weird and all dyes light up on this skin. I thought this dye fit best after all.
2017-02-19 14:32 in reply to Migg

This spoke to the book nerd in me
2017-02-25 15:30

Hehe, glad you like it ^^
2017-02-26 7:50