Little Taylor

By Hollens21 on March 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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This is Taylor traveling around Tyria.
Oh Look! She found a moose! . . And a cat?


The screencaps with the animals are really adorable, and she definitely has a cute vibe going for her. Pink and black are a classic combination, but that being said why not vary it up a little with a dark red instead of basically black (or if you still want to use your Midnight dyes, try the red or fire one?). I would also consider changing the Wine Ice color, at the very least on the boots, as it works fine on the shirt material but looks really flat on her boots.

If you really love the scarf I would also suggest adding a pop of color on the other stripe like Sherbert or Grapefruit. Another suggestion might be to find a more suitable shoulder piece to work with, since she's a traveler. There are a few shoulder hugging armor pieces like the Rogue Pauldrons or Seeker Shoulders that may work well.
2016-03-19 13:32

Okay! Thanks for the feedback! I'm posting another look set with the rogue pauldrons instead of the scarf, but with a more out there color set! See if you like it! ^^
2016-03-19 13:58

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