Wanted Dead or Alive!

By Elessar Taralom on February 17th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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29 6
2 0
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"Listen up, gringos, this desert is mine, this town is mine and your sorry little buttocks are mine as long as they appear on a Wanted poster! I ain´t called the surest shot in the Dry Top for nothing! You try to run and I will put a bullet right between your eyebrows - looking at some of you I rather say in the general area where your eyebrows meet....So just hand over my bounty and a good pint of whiskey and I´ll leave you little sissies to your gambling again."

This bounty hunter has a potty mouth and a sure shot. Appearing and disappearing out if the desert as unpredictably as a sand storm this "lady" remains a mysterium for everyone who ever crossed her path. She is a loner and not much is know about her. She mostly keeps her face hidden under the brim of her hat and only shoots hot glares at her prey. The only thing she shoots even more precisely are her pistols. There is no target she can´t hit as long as her bullet will fly far enough. Roaming the general area around Dry Top and the Silverwastes she brings you every criminal there is - as long as there is a big bounty on his or her head.

I really love the Bladed Coat and I finally got my hands on it, so I decided to give my Daredevil a rework and make her into a real Western heroine. She´s a gunslinger sort of (wouldn´t that be a cool specilization for a class?) and give her a cool hat and everything. She really is a son of a gun, a really badass cowboy-type and I hope that is represented in her look. I just love the little details on the coat like the snakehead on the back and the little skulls.
The shoulderpieces just screamed Western to me, so I had to use them! I really hope you like her ^^

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What a cool looking Sylvari! Story and screens are awesome as always and I just loooove the look :)
2016-02-17 8:22

pure gold
2016-02-17 9:23

Fashion Guru
Amazing !
Perfect use of this hat and those shoulders. It really makes her look like a true western character! The whole armor mix, the colors, and the atmosphere in the screens reflect the western theme! Nice fitting cowboy revolvers too :p
And the shots are amazing as usual! The one with the cow is my fav^^
2016-02-17 9:25

Fashion Guru
She is there to kick some ass! You hit the nail with this armour mix it's a perfect representation of the theme you were going for. I totally can imagine her walking through the desert and hunting some bad bad creatures. I love the coat and especially this hat, it's so perfect and so are these screens. You are working it again with the dyes and I am just amazed by this unique and beautiful look. She's just truely awesome
2016-02-17 9:27

You are GENIUS o.O
Such an amazing wild wild west style, never seen anything like this!
The screens are SO DAMN perfect!
Masterpiece! Bronze for you *giggle* ;D
2016-02-17 12:09

Elessar Taralom
My cow will hunt you down for that o-o
Benita ain´t playing
2016-02-17 12:37 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
You leave me speachless once again ;)
2016-02-18 2:10

Fashion Guru
i love it! she is quite the character, so unusual and cool
love the cow!
2016-02-18 7:20

Fashion Guru
Rocking the Rubicon hat is not an easy thing to do but you nailed it! She looks so epic! Plus, the use of dyes on the bladed armor is magnificient, as well it is quite original!
Love her, love the screens, gold gold gold :p
2016-02-18 7:24

You got the badass style, the story and now you got the Gold
2016-02-19 1:36

Fashion Collector
Love the concept, really nice look :D Gold for sure
2016-02-19 8:38

Oh my goshe! Such a unique concept :)
You did amazing ob here. Perfect location for screens, shoulders and hat on point even screens's colors looks very western.
Well done :)
2016-02-19 13:46

very cool western look :) gold!
2016-02-20 10:42

Fashion Collector
I really love this one, probably my favorite :]
2016-02-26 11:24

yeehaaaa! what a cool cowgirl!
2016-03-23 12:44

Great dyes and screenshots! ^^
2016-04-11 14:58

Fashion Guru
Whoaa awesome :D Totally gold!
2016-11-18 7:54