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I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since November 9th, 2012. With 3953 hours of playtime according to gw2efficiency, it's clearly one of my favorite games. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have 22 characters: 17 human females, 3 human males, 1 norn female, and 1 sylvari female. Keep in mind I've deleted quite a few characters since the introduction of birthday gifts, but I still delete them if they don't satisfy me or I need space and they're not older than one year. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've always been slightly frustrated by the limited options for armor and facial customization, until they drop the transmutations. This made me very happy and led me to focus more on fashion in the game, though I'm still left wanting more – still grinding my teeth. I'M STILL WAITING FOR BEAUTIFUL VERY LONG HAIR and more elaborate facial customization options, like in The Sims 4, for example. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I had never heard of this GW2Style website until around 2018/2021, but didn't explore it much, feeling I didn't have enough clothes and accessories to really enjoy it. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, I'm a bit less frustrated and feel ready to embark on this adventure of sharing my looks and cosplays with other fashion and cosplay enthusiasts. Creating stories was an unexpected turn, but it naturally came while creating a specific look (Joko's Mistress) especially for this site, starting from 0. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So welcome to my page. I'm NEW here, but I think I've quickly found my way around, despite the site seeming a bit less active than it was years ago. That's no issue for me; I'm here to show and share what I've crafted with love. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To the People who have something to compensate and feel so powerful just because there's a vote option and an opinion purpose, feel NOT free to act like a sunday literary critic by pooping by your mouth. (: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FAVORITE THEMES : - Fantasy - Horror - Cosplay - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ English isn't my native language.