Recent Looks

Wandering gunslinger

By: Aurexxx

I'm aiming for wandering gunslinger kinda lone wolf style, mix between Vash the stampede, and wild west, post-apocalyptic world survivor, any ideas would be appreciated.

Carnivorous Sylvari

By: Gewreid

Rustling leaves and billowing fog, distant howls and sudden shock... ...

The Cloaked Commander

By: TheKimmynator

The Dunewatcher, an acclaimed huntress who has managed to hone her skills and reap the rewards of her successful battles. This cloaked ranger-turned-commander now travels the lands of Tyria, defending it's inhabitants from whatever she gets...

Chaoseer harlequin

By: yirumith

A little less than thirty years ago a new race was born in Tyria, we know the Firstborn and the Secondborn, but of the latter there is a missing sylvari that took almost two decades to leave the chamber of Omphalos ... Terrified by what the asuras...

Norn Firebrand

By: VioletteKika

I wore the Stag set for the longest time, but wanted some more amoured :)

Eneba the Olmakhan

By: Lucy Luft

Eneba likes the colour green, world peace and running through the grass. She preaches nature and if you don't listen she'll use the hammer. ...


By: sirisly

Adventurer's scarf Protector's Shoulderplates Mistward plate Radiant Vambraces Mistward Legguards Phalanx Warboots

Futuristic Heavy Warrior

By: tonaytan

Need help Boots backpack maybe change in hair and colours.

The Purple Crow

By: cezzar85

This is my first look.

Grizzled Ranger of the Wilds

By: Gazemir

This is my take on what a ranger wandering through the Tyrian wilds would look like after a number of years out there. I drew some of the color inspiration from the guild I was in when starting out in Guild Wars 2 back in 2013 (black & gold were...