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Fantasy Journeys after CANTHA

By: ieva

______________________Cantha is an old land, and one that has been occupied by humans from their first days. In fact, the northern coastline of Cantha is the earliest known location of human settlements.Although Cantha has its own history, over the...


By: Hories


Titiana Metalheart

By: Vendriele

Titiana Metalheart is an Iron Legion warrior who is a huge Metal Legion fan and dreams of becoming a professional musician. ...

necro redux

By: Fumbles Tandywine

just posting this to save it ...

Irelia- League of Legends Cosplay

By: Csky

Skins HEAD- [Elegy Coronet]- SHOULDERS- N/A, couldn't find something that worked CHEST- [Warbeast Vestments] GLOVES- [Sorcerer's Livery] LLEGS- [Elegy Breeches] BOOTS- [Illustrious Footwear]

GW2 Stormtrooper

By: Bodies Hit Da Floor


Alternate power set

By: yanaru

Houses my eagle runes for when flanking is a no go

Thief runes power war

By: yanaru

My power sets have a red+yellow/gold theme. Here is the main set used with thief runes

Mighty power

By: yanaru

Man this gear is old. Might runes and everything from old PS days

Primary condi warrior

By: yanaru

This is my warrior's condi set