Mesmer of Balthazar

By Lillitu on May 7th, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Town Clothes
Color: Purple
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4 5
17 6
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Lillitu Stahlfell (engl. Steelfur)
New Balthazar-Look


yeah... an outfit
2015-05-08 2:28

Fashion Guru
I don't get why people post outfits... Like....why???
2015-05-08 2:42

Fashion Guru
This outfit fits very well with the Charrs. I like it very much. Here ArenaNet has done something good. Thank you for your "constructive" feedback.
2015-05-08 3:41

Nice colors, Lillitu. I post outfits aswell, and I work on them and they have 4 dyes, hide or unhide helmet, how the fix with character or place (like a snowy outfit in a cold place...).

Nice staff by the way :)
2015-05-08 4:57

We could give constructive feedback to arena net?! I mean.. you didnt design it. And the colors are almost the natural colors of the outfit.
So yeah, my constructive feedback to you would be: Create an actual armor set =D
2015-05-08 6:19

Fashion Guru
Yes then I can also argue that all armors were designed by ArenaNet and the use of complete armor sets are nothing more than outfits.

By the way the colors completely different from the original coloring of Balthazar outfit. These have a kind of gold with a red cape.

But ok, we have different opinions. Thats life.
2015-05-08 7:30

Fashion Collector
cool screenshots
2015-05-08 8:40

Last Epiphany
Fashion Collector
I like the style, but a mesmer cant be of Balthazar cos is the warrior's human god.
2015-05-08 13:39

@Last Epiphany, I guess you mean "...but a Charr can't be...", isn't it? :D or you hate mesmers XD
2015-05-08 17:47

we all know outfits look pretty good. no need to post them here imo
2015-05-08 19:52