Dreamthistle Druid

By Alexandra on October 26th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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3 5
5 0
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I really like the chest piece, so I just had to finally use it. Same with the Staff skin where I love the color and the plant-ish look.
One of my favorite looks i made until now. Hope you guys also like it as much as I do! :3


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I like the overall look, not gonna lie.
The combination of the boots and legs looks really cool with the details on the overlapping parts.
However, at least for me, there are a lot of "buts":
- No use of hand armor
- The cat ears feel totally off, same goes for the scarf color. I can see you wanted the scarf to match the staff skin (or at least I guess).
^- Maybe you can put some more little details in the staff color so it stands out more and it makes the staff overall more fitting
- The contrast of the white-ish (mithril) dye on the chestpiece feels too big, maybe use something less bright, or even use a green-ish color to match the staff(?)

I like that you provided screenshots, also in different areas which shows different lighting on the armor. However, your character is a little too far from the "camera" and it looks like it's the same pose mostly, making it feel less exciting.

I also like that you try to make a look around the triumphant chestpiece, I rarely see it used.

I would also love to see some more shared thoughts in the description, but that's a personal preference :D

Silver for now :P
2016-10-26 9:58

I love the earthly feel it has and the main image is pure gold. A vibrant and lush forest with a earthly glowing mage. Gold!
2016-10-26 10:25

Fashion Collector
well thanks for that long list i guess xD
cat ears are my absolutely fav thing in guildwars, but i agree, they dont fit very well, so i provided a few without and also some closer shots of my char
about the colors: i personally think they match perfectly with each other and the staff, but yeah everyone may have his/her own opinion about this :p
plus i didnt use hand-armor on 100% purpose, because the sleeves of the chest look a bit "up-wrapped" and i think that this wouldnt need any hand armor at all
thanks anyway, i see that u for sure took some time to think about my look :3
2016-10-26 11:35 in reply to Blackkarmy

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Thanks for the close up screen!
Now I can see what you mean :D (the rhymes)

My concerns about the coloring are just difference in taste I guess, but on the close up it actually looks way better than on the other screens (NOT OFFENSIVE)

As already stated, I really dig the look without the cat ears °
2016-10-26 11:51 in reply to Alexandra

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^not sure what happened, my comment was way longer.

I basically said I upadated it to a gold since it looks really good on the close up.
And I still dislike the scarf.

Yeah thats what I said.
2016-10-26 11:52 in reply to Alexandra

I feel like the look is not too exciting, but its a nicely subtle theme!
The idea with only the scarf tying in the colours of the staff is quite interesting and the green hue is definitely spot on! Good eye there :D
Please just do me a favor and erase those ears xD
They just add this meta-screaming component which doesnt do your look justice!
I think you could improve your screens a lot by playing more with the camera options!
Still a nice upload! Its a Silver from me though :)
2016-10-26 20:08

2016-10-31 17:39