Fiery Archer

By Elnoyle on December 25th, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
7 9
2 0
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This is my newest creation, armor for Warrior that looks like a medium class instead of heavy. Since the armor is used for a condi build, mainly using Longbow, I wanted it to look like a real archer.

I have set up more protection on the left arm, because this is the one that holds the bow, so it can be affected by enemy attacks more often than the right hand. The other one is unarmored for better flexibility while taking arrows from the quiver and drawing the bow.

Overall I'm really happy with this look.

The screenshots are in 5120x2160 resolution (I have ultrawide monitor) in ultra details.


It's a very good armor mix ! It's original and fits very well your norn, gold from me :)
2015-12-26 8:42

Fashion Guru
:O Oh my, so pefect, love it.
2015-12-26 23:07