Chronomancer - Time Warden

By Jabacasm on November 1st, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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1 2
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I wanted to make an overall heavy armor look to match my new Chronomancer shoulders. The dyes are still in flux, I just threw this together. I welcome any and all advice regarding the pieces and the dyes. Overall I'm pretty happy with the concept and the way it turned out, though!

Just a note: I plan to change the leggings out for the ley armor leggings (Can't remember what they're called right now!) And I might change the celestial trimmings to a lemon zest (a nice, bright gold color).


i think the sould of koda chestpiece would fit the look rly well, but i like what your going for ^^
2015-11-01 4:28

Fashion Guru
I like the armor mix but not the violet theme... It looks like you opted for a realistic set but added fancy unlikely colors that do not match together.
2015-11-01 13:19

Beanna, I just changed the colors to a more realistic burnished steel/ gold/ celestial white, I'd love your opinion now.
2015-11-01 13:42

They're the bottom two looks.
2015-11-01 13:43

I like it with the Burnished Steel/Gold/Celestial colors + the radiant pieces added in!
2015-11-01 17:26

Cool, I'll update the pictures to reflect that! I really just wanted the "heavy armor" style. The hair, obviously is purple and all my abilities are purple so the first iteration had the dye scheme to reflect that. But tbh, the burnished steel *does* look better. Thanks for the input!
2015-11-01 19:58