Season’s Gift -- Fall Harvest.

By Princess Cinderella on October 20th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Orange
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The gentle leaves that floats down from trees are gifts from the seasons of nature. Celebrate that gentle giving of shade and life from nature in this dress.

The dress feature leaves that gently floats as you walk or run. The leaves are attach by a see through fiber line.

The color of this outfits celibates the season of the fall harvest. Punkin spices. Leaves in the colors of all of fall glory.

This dress contain no animal product, its made purely using natural fibers and plant base materials. Even the see through fiber line is made from sustainable plant base plastic.

Complimenting this outfit are a pair of mid stiletto heels pointed toe pumps, by Aurora. All man made materials, plant base, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly. The shoes feature a soft cloth insole and inside uppers with padded cloth for extra comfort.


Amelia Syleste
Fashion Collector
Um, autocorrect may not be your friend...think you mean "celebrate" and not "celibate". Unless her decisions to give up certain "earthly pleasures" in her quest to become one with nature ;p

I love your description, though, and the concept of the phoenix feathers being leaves...neato ;p
2015-10-20 11:27

Princess Cinderella
Thankyou Amelia Syleste for pointing that out. I'll make the changes. :)
2015-11-30 8:20