Gallant Knight

By Cross on October 7th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
Vote Breakdown
15 10
3 0
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Compared to most looks this is plain, but I created a look based on my favorite weapon set: the Gallant set.

I went for a heavy armor with a silver base and a gold trim, with a brown leather undercoat/skirt to complement the colors on the Gallant weapons.

I went for no flashy effects to keep the theme in line with the Gallant weapons: subtle elegance.


Sir Alymer
There's a lot of armor out there that works well together, the fact that this is mostly just phalanx dyed pretty kind of bothers me. The colors are great, just venture out more into other skins and you'll have a pretty neato look.
2015-10-08 0:06

I think it looks fantastic. From a newbie point of view, i don't care if it is mostly "just phalanx" (or whatever). I see unity and items that compliment each other and the weapons. I really like the idea of a skirt in a knight look - just like the old Paladin set from WoW, Judgement Armor :)
2015-10-08 6:59

Fashion Guru
Color matching is really good. You look like a true knight ! Would like to see a screen with no helmet if possible !
2015-10-10 21:13

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