Kurzick Style Mesmer

By Maeve Mavolent on August 2nd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
11 12
2 0
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The elegance of the Kurzicks has been forgotten by many, however the original Mesmer Kurzick armours were some of my favourite in the original Guild Wars.

Here are some images of a gothic, Kurzick mesmer style set for both regular and prestige armours.


I think you did very good in recreating the kurzick armor!!!!
I LOVE the prestige one (short skirt) and it was my absolute favorite mesmer armor in GW1 :D
I think you could work a little on the colour-scheme, its a bit too monotonous with the all black style.
Anyway you succeeded brilliantly in what you wanted to achieve, therefore Gold for nostalgia ^,^
2015-08-02 7:35

Maeve Mavolent
@Hylek, thank you! I normally use green dyes but I am recently loving the dark gothic look and how it makes the amber pop!
2015-08-02 8:52

Fashion Guru
I agree with Hylek. It looks amazing but I'd make it a little less dark. Still a very good job!
2015-08-02 9:28

Fashion Guru
good job, but a little bit to dark
2015-08-04 3:42

Fashion Guru
I love that combo, it looks super Kurzick, especially with those striped leggings and that intricate mask. Might need a slight adjustment to make it less omgblackeverywhere, but she embodies the Kurzick atmosphere perfectly so a gold medal for you. :D
2015-09-14 23:38

I love love love this!! :D Inspired my own look
2016-09-26 15:01

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