Urtz Garraoscura (Darkclaw)

By Hetto Koala on July 10th, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Grey
Vote Breakdown
12 10
2 0
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Here is my thief charr :3 Urtz!
I love this character so much. Male charr have the best "new faces" from the game ^^ and working with them it's so fun!

He's member of the Order of Whispers and he's so addorable.


The fisrt image is like "whats up?" :p
What pistol is that?
2015-07-10 7:40

Hetto Koala
@Migg The Legendary, Quip :3
2015-07-10 9:13

Fashion Guru
That face is awesome haha ! Oh and like the armor mix , nice.
2015-07-11 3:03