Shining ranger

By Loba on June 24th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
2 5
10 2
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Sylvari cultural armor tier 3 with some colors to attempt to match the Zenith bow


Fashion Guru
Since the weapon and your skin are both pretty colorful, I would use a darker amor with very few color ;)
Maybe a all dark armor with the gloves or boots more colorfull?
This weapon is pretty hard to match honestly, what you have right know is not so bad ;)
2015-06-24 13:51

Fashion Guru
*or a silver-ish/like color for the armor ?
2015-06-24 13:52

colours are good but I would mix some of the tier 2 and 1 medium armor with the 3, just to give it a more unique look. I do like the colours so far, though it would be nice to see a pic of her on the character select screen to see the colours better :3
2015-06-24 14:03

Fashion Guru
I think it looks pretty good :) Maybe a darkish colour somewhere too because it is extremely bright XD but bright isn't a bad thing :)
2015-06-27 22:09