Fallout Engineer

By Ciccio891 on June 15th, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Grey
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17 8
1 0
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''Working to improve mass destruction technology since the Searing''

A steampunk/post-apocalyptic look for your charr alt.

Dyes: now I think that dyes are nearly finished! Any suggestion? Feel free to comment!


Very cool actually :D
I love that you chose these horns for an engi, fits perfect!
The whole armor-comb in general, its just exactly how a charr engi should look like ;)
The only thing i wish to improve are the colours. I know a metallic theme needs some grey, but i think especially for the leather parts you could use some brown, maybe black. The colour just needs a little bit more variation to appear more interesting.
Else its a perfect look IMO, still give you gold :D
2015-06-15 8:34

Tnx for appreciation! I found yor comment very pertinent so I think I'll try to rework the dyes a bit. Maybe adding some gold to the metallic part too? What do you think?
2015-06-16 3:47

Maybe the metallic part of the legs (these tiny details), the rings of the goggles and MAYBE her left shoulder. Really not much! I do think gold would fit the "Exterminator" and therefore it would be nice too, but be careful it doesnt stand out too much or look off together with the metallic dyes :)
2015-06-16 6:31

Fashion Collector
I love the look! Though I agree with Hylek, even though I like the dyes, you could definitely differentiate more between the metal and the leathery parts. Gold would be a great idea as well! There are many colors similar to gold, antique gold might also look really nice! But if your look uses more than one "material", sorting the colors by material is a really good idea when dying your gear.
Anyway, gold! :) You deserve it!
2015-06-16 10:28

Perfect, love it. :D
2015-07-25 2:36