By OminousDem on June 11th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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7 13
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I tried to go with a true demigod (half human/half god) type look, well at least what I thought it might look like. I definitely welcome any and all input(dyes/skins)!! Thanks!

Also, didn't realize finding a good place to take a nice screenshot was so difficult, so I apologize if they aren't the greatest screens.

I took the advice and dyed a cloth part on the legs yellow to match(used Illumination because it looked to match the other yellow pieces better) and I also looked at Charred dye. It did make the overall color scheme darker but I found Glint's Isolation to be almost a perfect shade of silver on this set of heavy armor. Last screenshot is character select with new changes (hard to tell I know because I'm being a tad nit-picky. lol


He looks like Zeus for me ^^
I would try with another "metal" dye, looking more silverish. Yellow elements are interesting idea (another color would be nice too) and I love eyes!
I think you hit the theme very well :)
2015-06-11 18:59

ty :D

Ya, I looked at Icing for example, but it almost made the celestial not stand out quite as much. I'm def looking at all the 'metal' dyes to find a possible better match.
2015-06-11 19:06

Fashion Collector
If you're looking for metallic dyes try charred, though it might make the look a bit too dark. Overall I really like the concept, and to me he looks a bit like Zeus/Apollo/Hercules mixed.
2015-06-11 22:24

Fashion Collector
armour wise awesome, dye wise i agree, a more silver dye would look better imo. love the yellow, but id make the "cloth" part of the pants the same as you have the cloth part of the top whatever colour you go with. :)
2015-06-11 22:37

Fashion Guru
I like last pic look
2015-06-14 0:37