Malevolent Mesmer: Pretty in Pink

By Talesoffan1 on June 10th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
3 11
13 3
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So, I kept trying to get something to work with this evil skirt from Hades, and I wanted something pink. Since it dyes so weird, I had to go with shadow abyss.Then I cobbled the rest together. I think it turned out pretty well, and I love bein' an evil flamingo!

Also, I'm open to any tips on how to improve the outfit, like a 3rd color perhaps? I don't have any of the shadow or other dark colors, so I'm going to look into those as well. Basically I'm just trying to keep the pink and the skirt. Oh, and the shoes. Thanks!


Evil Flamingo, you got my heart right there! :D

I can only explain how to add images :(
Under description you have blank square and a little bit lower ''Add imgur URL'' just put link in that space ^^
2015-06-10 7:01

Ah ok, thanks! I'll try to take some more pics later.
2015-06-10 10:31