Dragon Warrior

By Sethurai on April 8th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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7 2
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Playing with this look, not 100% sure if i like it yet though. Suggestions are welcomed. Enjoy.


Fashion Guru
If you want to go with a dragon theme, armor that looks like scales might be good, especially as the breastpiece is not crucial for your set. Reinforced scale coat or the banded coat might be an idea.
I would also recommend to go with more symetrical gloves, one nearly naked arm doesnt work too well for this outfit in my opinion. Maybe the draconic ones.

For this to work you would have to drop the dark black however, it doesnt work well with details at all. A much better alternative would be the Midnight Fire Dye. It has a fairly dark tone while still showing details and looking like it could really be metal. Add a bit of yellow/orange details to create a fiery glow and it could be a really good dragonlike outfit.

2015-04-08 12:59

I like the half man half dragon thing you've got going here with the shoulders and stuff, I would recommend different dyes though the shadow stuff murders textures.
2015-04-09 18:36

Any suggestion for a good color scheme? I know people don't like blacking out details with Abyss, but I use it because I find it's hard to make armor colorful + realistic at the same time. I also use few colors to keep it simple and less confusing. My eyes are pretty pleased with this scheme, however I am certainly open to trying other schemes to increase the appeal. Thanks for the comment!
2015-04-09 20:54

Fashion Guru
If you want a realistic look its one more reason to stay away from those pitch black dyes, metal usually doesnt get that dark. Have you ever tried the iron dye? It works (un)surprisingly well for dark metal armors. I highly suggest you try this out before anything else.

Another suggestion i already made above is midnight fire. You can still see all the details and it has a rusty feel that fits metal and the theme of dragon scales.

The reinforced scale coat i recommended above is really fit for keeping it simple ant not too overladen with color while still bringing in detail.

2015-04-10 11:14