Charr Centurion

By svefn on February 14th, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
71 26
1 0
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Spartan inspired colors for my charr Warrior. Used different shades of gold and bronze for the armor so it appears almost the same shade of gold.

Always keep Black Citadel and Camp Resolve safe!


Fashion Guru
How come this look has no comments yet? It's friggin awesome! The Fused sword is spot on, makes you think she nabbed it from the Molten Alliance after she led an attack against them. I know Eternity is nice, it's the single most expensive weapon skin in the game, but I'd like to see a skin that's more in line with the rest of the look. Gold nonetheless!
2015-04-01 23:28

I always fail to create heavy armored charrs xD
This should teach me! It looks so very cool :O
Perfect comb, dyes, everything! One of the best heavy armored charrs ive seen!!! :D
2015-06-30 11:18

Thanks for your kinda words Hylek! and toohairylegs too :D
2015-06-30 14:36

ohhhhh this looks really good! i rarely see charrs in good looking AND unique armor :)
2015-07-14 17:40

Fashion Guru
Ooh, the colors you chose here are awesome with those weapons. Good choice on the dark templar pauldrons with the vigil chestplate, that looks awesome all together!
2015-07-15 1:25

Fashion Guru
A charr on nr 1 in the leaderboards! Well done! \o\
2015-07-15 16:35

Easily one of the best Charr looks I've ever seen nice work!
2015-09-01 19:08

Kosmic Kaz
Such a great combo of unique armor pieces. They blend together so well. This charr definitely stands out from the crowd. Love it!
2016-06-06 16:40