The Light Defender

By Silverbleed on January 6th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Yellow
Vote Breakdown
50 30
11 2
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(Made before April Patch)

I wanted to try something different. Instead of a stereotype dark type of warrior... I wanted the soft and light version. I also had the Sun Helm laying around, and I wanted to use it.
So I created this outfit. And honestly, I kind of like it. The Sun Helm and bow create this beautiful light and makes her shine. The armor isn't spiky but soft. She feels more like a defender in this type of armor than a warrior. It might be suitable for a guardian.

Sun Helm
Phalanx Shoulders
Phalanx Top
Phalanx Gloves
Tier 3 Human Leggings
Primeval Leggins
Optional; Red Rose Backpiece

I used Celestial, Antique Gold and Illumination to dye the armor.


Set fits nicely. Props for making the Sun helm fit and look good. Honestly strikes me as an "avenger" or a "warden" more than a guardian.

One thing I'd say, you used really bright dyes and seemingly darker pictures. Or is that just me?
2014-02-07 8:32

its great but the fervid censer flower is the one for uuuuuu
2014-03-21 18:55

Fashion Guru
@giardian707: Yes, but not intentional. I figured this out later too :'D

@Vandalgyon: I didn't have it :'( Now I do, though but I don't have this armor anymore.
2014-07-22 3:11

interesting combination and nice coloring ^^
2014-10-27 16:40

Love the armor combo and dye choice! :D
2014-11-20 7:40

Fashion Guru
She's beautiful!
2015-07-25 3:25