Wizard look with heavy armor (It's a trap!!)

By Noellic on October 9th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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This was difficult, but I finally did it.
My dream is that fantasy wizardy look...but Guardian isn't a light armored class so I couldn't do it. But I didn't give up! After hours of research and hundreds of gold and doing various events, I finally got the necessary ingredients to get the look down!

The biggest problem in the end turned out to be the wizard's hat. It hides your hair and makes you look bald underneath. Somehow through trial and error I overcame that. Any other chest piece makes him look bald. (Yes, it was the chest piece which became the deciding factor...I'm as confused as you are.) That hat only looks good on asuras and bearded men, but somehow I believe I still pulled it off quite well. I'd like to hear your opinion on it.

Anyway, I'm still fairly new to the game so I don't have everything available that I wanted to try out. I wanted to try out the guild chest piece, funerary chest piece, scarf, raven's mantle. The shoulder was a really difficult part of it. I'm still not quite satisfied. I'm waiting for the scarf to come back on the gem store next month.

(Don't mind the feminine looking male character, I wanted my character to look like me at first but that turned out looking really androgynous because of my long hair and small mouth...so I decided to go all out and see how much of a trap I can create.)

Edit: I wanna give the exact details of my wardrobe but this site seems to be having some problems at the moment.


Ive been working so much on my guardian as well. If you want a few ideas for a wizard staff that still maybe fits more of a healer/tank mage id say look at the larger ones such as the new lorekeeper staff or maybe even the ascalonian staff for its neat little color swap at nighttime. I really like the idea of a wizard with guardian powers tho!
2020-10-09 22:42

Thanks! Glad you like it. I didn't think of looking up a proper staff at first. I just opened a box of exotic gear that I had lying around which looked like it would match my color choices.

As I've said, I'm not nearly done with trying everything I wanted to try. But getting those are kinda difficult. I still don't even have a single piece of ascended gear yet. I might be concerning myself with fashion way too early. I haven't even completed the PoF main story yet.

But anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I didn't put this up for help wanted because any suggestions I get I'd have to put them on hold for a long time before I have the ability to grind for them. But I still love the help! It was from asking on reddit that I got this far in the first place! I completely agree with you. The firebrand is such a wizardy profession that I really wanna look the part too. Plus being a healer and not looking like a wizard is a SIN! Thanks.
2020-10-10 5:58 in reply to berserker

2020-10-10 11:22

Fashion Collector
Good presentation attempt. Shots fine. Armor too random. Hope you enjoy watching your character. I will refrain from judging because I know it can be done better. Starting with the breastplate.
2020-10-10 15:18

Oh, looks super similar. But we only used the same pants and hat. I don't mind giving credit to other people but the people who helped me achieve this was actually a few kind souls on reddit.
2020-10-11 8:53 in reply to Lithril

Yea I know! But I'm still fairly new. I've barely just started PoF. The fact that I spent over 200 gold on this shit and became bankrupt before getting the griffon is already breaking my soul. (The first comment here recommended the lorekeeper staff and I ended up spending 42 more gold.)

The chestplate is one of the things I most wanna change. Second are the shoulders. Top of my list are the guild chest plate and raven's mantle, but those gonna be harder to get so I'm going for funerary chest plate and the scarf. But there were too many things I got then didn't end up looking good so I'm not sure how that'd turn out.

I actually need help with this but I didn't put it up for help wanted just because I really don't have the means to grind for any items at the moment because I'm still so new. I don't wanna lose any more gold. I'm still too terrified to do fractals or raids so I don't even have any proper sources of income yet. But one day I'll improve this...might take a few months though.
2020-10-11 9:04 in reply to Mithras

Fashion Collector
I like your idea to improve the look. Unfortunately, if you want to make a great character, it takes a lot of time sometimes. Sometimes I sit on the same colors for a few hours. There are many possibilities. Sometimes it all depends on whether the character has broad shoulders or hips. There is a lot of armor that you don't need to spend a lot of time on. Sometimes it's a matter of color. You set a goal and you have a reason to play. This is what GW is about in large part. Finally, I would like to add that there are some nice gray colors that make a good base for most looks. Murky Gray, Vintage Silver and Dry Silver. Check it out! Maybe they will be useful.
2020-10-12 13:31 in reply to Noellic

Yea, colors are a huge deal here. But the good ones are so expensive! I spent hours buying all the common dyes from TP before doing this and I still ended up mostly using one of the 4 rare dyes I have unlocked. Exclusive dyes are just a pipe dream at the moment.

That's why I said I don't have the ability to do anything
proper yet. This is basically my version 1. I definitely wanna improve it. But it'll take a whole lotta time till I get to a point where I truly get access to all the materials I want.

But I'll definitely note down your suggestions! The first guy recommended the lorekeeper staff and so I've gotten it and its a major improvement! You guys know way more about this than me. But I shouldn't upload a new one with just one staff change so after making a few more changes I'll upload version 2! I'll slowly get to a point where you'll look at it and be utterly amazed. But it might take months or even years to get to that point.
2020-10-13 10:15 in reply to Mithras