By Egon on October 16th, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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"I know I am young. But I believe even youngsters can change the common order."

Gratto Bittermind is a representative of the newest generation of Citadel engineers. All these youngsters see their mentors and engi Sires as backwards. All that unreliable steam machines, opaque smoke and dirt! It was enough.

He decided to cooperate with Asuras, he saw potentional in their clean technology. But Gratto didn't trust them fully. The development was meant to combine asura cleanliness and reliability, and Charr power and repairability. He had to spoke to several assistants (and lie a little) to reach the development lab leader. The result of the cooperation he got became the first piece of new rifle series. The Asuras named that Wexx, and Gratto liked that name, so he agreed.

Nothing can stop the arms revolution now.

As I don't really like human coats and I found the Mist Shard chestpiece likeable, I decided to combine it with Aetherblade to reach fresh engi look, instead of rusty steampunk that people usually go with. So basically, the armor should be like in the middle between Charr steampunk and Asura technology. More modern than Charr armor, but not futuristic as Asura stuff (that is why I did not use Warbeast armor).


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