Bloodstone infected Sylvari Melia

By tautropfenLP on October 6th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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here's my Bloodstone infected Sylvari Warrior Melia.

The Bloodstone is an ancient magical artifact that was created long ago by the seers to seal magic from the ancient dragons. The early results of their experiments led to a shadow stone until they refined their technique to finally create the first blood stone. The divine resources for this are completely unknown. Later, like many other magical artifacts, he arrived in Arah, where the gods of mankind collected and stored them.

At a time when magic was freely available to humans and other peoples, greed for power caused much suffering in the world. Wars over magical resources claimed many lives, so King Doric, the former head of the United Kingdom of Humans, went to Arah and asked for an audience with the gods. More precisely, he asked the gods to take back the magic they gave the humans to end the suffering of the world. The gods responded to the request and sealed much of the magic in the magical artifact, known as the Bloodstone, using Doric's blood. They then broke the stone into five pieces. Four pieces were supposed to represent four different ways of using magic. The preservation, destruction, aggression and rejection, as well as a keystone needed to reassemble the bloodstone.

To make the bloodstone inaccessible to any individual, they threw the bloodstones into a volcano on the fire ring known as Abaddon's Mouth. Shortly thereafter, the gods left Tyria, also known as the Exodus of the Gods.

As the years passed, peace between humans began to reign. The three nations Kryta, Ascalon and Orr formed and grew in peace with each other. At some point, however, there was an eruption on the Ring of Fire chain and Abaddon's mouth broke out. The different parts of the bloodstone were spread across the continent by the eruption and the magic stored in them slowly began to escape back into the environment. With the renewed onslaught of magic, new conflicts between humans arose, which led to the three guild wars.

Many years later, the Mursaat used the White Mantle as a pretext for their power to murder the chosen on the Bloodstones. Blindly believing in the omniscience and omnipotence of the Mursaat as their invisible gods, they followed the process and sacrificed thousands of innocent Krytans over the years. In fact, the Mursaat needed the souls' energy for their soul batteries, which kept the gate of Comedy locked. If the gate were to open, it would mean the end of the Mursaat species.

After the Shining Blade managed to open the gate in 1072 NE, they created a direct transition from the Empire of Torment to Tyria and liberated the Titans. This meant the actual end of the Mursaat, at the same time the Titans posed a threat to any other species in Tyria. The Shining Blade managed to make up for its mistake and then close the gate by killing Wesir Khilbron on the keystone.

For a long time thereafter, the bloodstones were quiet, until the god Balthasar, disguised as Lazarus, reinstated the White Mantle and commissioned him to experiment on the bloodstone piece in the Maguuma Jungle. Finally, there was a massive explosion of the bloodstone, whose released magic was absorbed by Balthasar. Other creatures that were directly affected by the magic release were either killed directly or became mad, will-less monsters that only had the collection of more bloodstone fragments in mind. The spirits of the chosen ones sacrificed on the bloodstone were also released, but they are bound to the place and now haunt it.


baba yaga
Apparently you don't read comments about your characters postings xD
2019-10-06 10:37

i read but, my english is not the best, and i try my best. And i like this pictures so i use this. i do arround 50-100pictures each charakter and serch 1-15 from this.
2019-10-06 11:41 in reply to baba yaga

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2019-10-06 11:53

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2019-10-06 11:57

and a lot of guys say do this or do this. and i try my best. i do thinks and other guys come and say this is shit. i do what they say and again other guys come and say this is shit. im so säd holy ._.

no one comes and says you're making good progress but you can do better.

I've never done anything like this before, and i'm really glad and grateful for tips. I try to do so much, but it doesn't matter that I'm still a bloody beginner. It just makes me sad.i mean for example you don't start with painting and can do that totally well from the start.

2019-10-06 11:59 in reply to baba yaga

i thought that would be a good idea to do something like that, but slowly i think i should really let it go, because it just pulls my mood down. as i said help is great but i've been doing that for about 1 day.
2019-10-06 12:03 in reply to baba yaga

Some of the images are good but here are some tips:
1. Try a variety of locations and poses. 10 screen shots in the same place is boring. Think about areas where the color of your armor would benefit from the surroundings.
2. Your screen shots are really dark, play with your graphic settings or find brighter areas to take screen shots in.
3. For the description, either tell us the back story of that specific character, or why you choose the armor/color combo. (or both!)
I don't think anyone is saying your screens are shit, nor is there any reason for you to get so upset over peoples helpful criticism. People are leaving you comments to help you get better. If you can't take their ideas and suggestions to heart, maybe you shouldn't be posting for everyone to rate and see. :)
Best of luck in your future styles.
2019-10-06 13:40

baba yaga
So much reaction all at once... and so much gold at once. GZ! Apparently you ordered two buddies who find your character postings great... and for the people who wrote comments here, distributed bronze medals...
If that comforts you, it's ok. But this has nothing to do with reality (and nobody is so stupid here not to notice that) xD
2019-10-06 17:07 in reply to tautropfenLP

Fashion Guru
The people who commented didn't even rate your presentations, but if you play a (or rather 2) revenge angel - go ahead. You're not gonna impress anyone ;)
2019-10-06 21:37