Revenant Olmakhan

By tautropfenLP on October 5th, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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This is my Charr Revenant in Olmakan style.
I rly Love the design from OImakan.
That's why I tried it once and I think that I succeeded well.

The Olmakhan are a Charr tribe who live in the village of Atholma. The tribe came from a war party of the Flame Legion, who fled their homelands during the Charr Rebellion. The reason for this was that the war party assumed that Calla's rebellion would fail. Their strong magical affinity enabled them to flee through Ascalon, the Shiverpeaks, and into the Crystal Desert. On the sand-whipped islands they found their new home and established themselves as a tribe.

The Olmakhan tribe got its name from the Charr Olma. She was the first leader of the tribe and was also one of the first sand walkers. The tribe is now led by the elders. The elders are elected by the members of the tribe.

The Olmakhan are a pacifist tribe and only fight when there is no alternative. Furthermore, similar to the Norn or Sylvari, they have a deep connection with nature and try to live in harmony with it. They feed themselves mainly through fishing, hunting and agriculture. They are also masters of metalworking and, in contrast to the Charr regions, do not use them for war machines but for the construction of their homeland.

The tribe has a pronounced ancestor worship. They honor their ancestors and their deceased tribe members with offerings and songs.

Unlike the Charr of the High Legions, the Olmakhan do not use a war troop or Fahrar system. Instead, they have families in which they raise their young themselves. For this reason, the Olmakhan boys also call their parents "mother" and "father".


Fashion Guru
Find out some better places for screenshot variety, because we can see almost nothing, plus the shots are quite from the distance. Then I will vote.
2019-10-06 6:11

baba yaga
One two screens are well done, on others I can hardly see anything, because your character is too small, too dark or too many effects (and ingame there are certainly several beautiful landscapes, where your Charr would look better, - Sandswept Isles one of them). The description is identical to that of other Olmakan, what you show, and doesn't tell me anything new.
My conclusion: hastily done, without idea and effort (it's a pity that you only spent 3 min on your pictures and 2 min to post everything here).
2019-10-06 10:19