Classy Domme

By Drakeskullnl on September 11th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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I've taken the time and effort to perfect this look for myself and figured "Why not spread the love and leave my stamp on the GW2 Style community?"
In this version an "Embroidered Mask" was used, but the "Mask Of The Night" may be used too.
To give the look an elegant Dominatrix look -as opposed to the skimpiest looks you see when searching for the term BDSM- I've kept the shoulders as bare as possible, using an "Exalted Mantle". Also because it can proxy for an outfit element for a version of the character outside of GW2...
...Here, saves you some time applying Google Fu: ...... Ahem. Anyway.
The combo of "Profane Greatcoat", "Profane Pants" and "Carapace Shoes" is the only way to go, but be mindful how you dye it. I've seen people making the great mistake of using or rather abusing Shadow Abyss, which takes the detail out of the armour. Then again, you can't all be Dominants/Dominatrices, right? Some people are looking for that bottom look, in which case, go nuts and dye all the detail out of the texture!
But then come the gloves. And here's something I haven't seen anyone do right. The Profane Greatcoat takes up the entire arm area and will clip horribly with most gloves, or straight up hide great details to prevent that clipping. Same with the shoulders, most pauldrons tend to harm the look rather than complement it. I have found "Embroidered Wristguards" to do the trick, giving the palm and back of the hands a subtle lace look and giving the index finger and wrist a piece of jewelry to boot while keeping the fingers free!
Obvious weapon choices would be the "Merciless Focus" in the offhand and a "Privateer Scepter" in the main hand if you're a Dom/Domme with a taste for Impact Play (whips, canes, floggers, paddles etc...). The Privateer Scepter may also be replaced by the exotic quality "Dragonsblood Scepter" for a more electro-play wand look. Lastly a "Mystic Wand" or the Inquest reskin from the CoE dungeon can give that spanking paddle look.

Dyes I use in my look: Glossy Black, Silver, Ruby Red, Shadow Abyss, Imperial Gold,