Warden Revenant

By Syerel on August 12th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
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My Revenant - Syerel

I tried to create a bandit / barbaric look.
With the release of the Antlers and the bioluminescent weapon set it turned more and more into a shaman-druid look.

(This also makes it easier for me to share the dyes :D)

A bit more about why i chose the specific armor skins and dyes:

I started out trying to create an outfit that matched with the Raven Mantle. I also wanted the outfit to not look like heavy armor, as the set would have full offensive stats, no defense. So i started looking for similarities in different skins.

The mantle itself is composed of several feathers and a chain holding both sides around the upper bodies.
Chains! Fitting for a Revenant, as even its skill animations sometimes contain chains (Namely Shackling Wave and Forced Engagement).
I immediately remembered the Gladiator Boots, as i also use them for my condi set, since i like the wooly bottom-part and the bandages held together by the chains when viewed from behind, so i also checked out the other Gladiator pieces.
I didn't want the set to be too revealing, and the Raven Mantle made sure that a lot of skin is covered, even though the Gladiator Chestpiece could barely be called an armor.

I always liked the Spearmarshal's Tassets. They are very detailed, have a lot of different adornments and a cloth hanging on the backside with a nice pattern. A bandage-like part that matched with the boots was also there. And lots of belts (for no reason at all ;)).
Originally i was using the Sword from the Equinox weapon set, a black and white sword, and the hanging cloth shared the color due to how the darkness dye sometimes works.

Same thing for the Foefire Gloves: The dyes allowed a black and white pattern (black cloth/leather, white runes), the bands themselves matched the decorated belts of the tassets and were hold together by a simple metal ring.

The set was complete for the time being, consisting of cloth and leather decorated and held together by different types of metal ornaments.

After some time Arenanet released the Winter Antlers with a dyeable glow effect and the Bioluminescent weapons set with a distinct teal glow. The glow itself paired up really good with Glint. And as my character Syerel already had Neon Blue/Teal eyes, i tried to integrate that into the "bandit" set. Out came the set i'm using today.

As for the dyes:
First of all: I really like the darkness dye. It isn't too dark and adds nice contour features to most skins. It also doesn't make the Raven Mantle look "oily" like many other dyes do.
I tried to give cloth parts a grey-brownish, matching the antlers and the bioluminescent weapons that naturally are made out of wood.
Leathery parts and belt-like parts kept their black and white color pattern from when i used the Equinox set, as it was still very fitting and complements Revenant skill animations.
For the metal ornaments and chains I wanted to keep it simple, just grey colors.
Lastly, i used a teal color as accent color, resembling Glint.


Fashion Guru
For first posting this is very good !
If you would add a short background story or write some sentences about your armor choice, I would give you gold. So I leave your presentation without rating and come back in a few days
2019-08-13 6:23

Updated the description with my thoughts on the armor choices, and why I chose specific skins.

I've also added 3 new screenshots, as I noticed i didn't show how the cloth of the tassets interacted with the dye "Darkness", creating a beautiful black and white pattern, in any other picture.
2019-08-13 14:13

Fashion Guru
I'm thrilled! You've got my gold ;)
2019-08-13 16:18 in reply to Syerel

Your Choices in skins and Dyes are a perfect Match for me. Your excellent description make it Gold.
2019-08-14 14:15

I like that. Only minus point for your pictures, but it's enough for gold.
2019-08-15 14:27