Fashionably Bloodstone

By Smokyree on May 6th, 2019
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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3 2
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I really hope you haven't seen this character ingame because that could mean that you have seen my awful pvp skills...
Anyway, this is Scilla, a necromancer who never really liked the necromancer fashion and probably wishes they could've been created as a revenant instead (sorry Scilla, too late). This is their third complete look: they started off as feminine and gothic, then went full on revenant and androgynous. In the end I felt like there was too much going on with their previous look so I switched the armor skins to something a bit simpler and this is the result.


Fashion Guru
I like that. And I think that's your best char (as far as armor mix and colors are concerned)
2019-05-06 16:08

Because I'm not using permafrost? xD Jk, and thanks!
2019-05-07 5:52 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
really nice character. i really like the chestpiece and i never thought, that it looks so nice on asura.
2019-05-08 3:42

Fashion Guru
I don't usually comment on Asuras, as I am not fan of them, but this Asura boy is great mix of perfect armor combo and neat dyes. He definitely needs more screens! Great job.
2019-05-08 4:51