The DREAM of 1001 Night

By ieva on May 5th, 2019
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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She drew back the curtain and saw the men before her in all clarity. The Emir... these eyes... And how he stared at her, how his gaze stroked her hair, spied her body under the veils, how flames of desire made his face shine...
But no, she imagined that! This here was the Emir, and she was just a singer. She also remembered now that a girl had to lower her gaze shyly when strange men were present. So she lowered her eyelids and concentrated on her harp and music.
Then she began to sing, a sad Vabbian song. The story of a girl consuming herself in the harem of a prince for the love of a beggar.

This is my Story (*inspired by Orchestral weapons)
When I designed this look, I was thinking harem orchestra. The orchestra consisted of the following instruments: Harp, Oud, Qanun and two small hand drums played by the singers.
Since orchestra staff is like a harp, I tried to create a harem musician/singer if possible and combine it with beautiful oriental architecture in crystal desert.
I tried different armour mixes: first I had discarded Mirage's Veil, then I had fought between Aurora and Carapace breast, then I doubted about Masquerade and Funerary Mantle, especially because the colouring wasn't what I had in mind... In the end I decided for Aurora chest piece and Masquerade Mantle, also because they have details that fit very well to the carving on harp. I dyed my pants dark blue without any pattern. That looks, in my opinion, a bit more noble (and not as cotton like patterned). As gloves I chose Embroidered Wristguards, because the lace at first sight reminds even of Mehndi (Henna Tattoos).
I hope you like my dream from 1001 night
Some screens with other colors and Carapace chest piece:
Weapon: Orchestral Staff


Fashion Guru
She's so beautiful! I love her charm. Great screens :) I'd like to hear her singing! Goldie for beauty!
2019-05-06 13:11

You spent a lot of time on this presentation. For this fact only, I would not be able to give you lower than silver. Sad to see that someone thinks else. Nice expresion and visible red.
Very good job.
2019-05-08 11:23

She's lovely.
2019-05-14 5:17

Thanks @ everyone for comments!
2019-05-29 8:02

She's perfect!
2019-06-11 13:16

I'm glad :) Thank you
2019-06-11 16:42 in reply to Thavie