Gia Lee (outdated)

By mkene on April 23rd, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Kind of a work in progress. My favorite character so far, but I'm not entirely sure what she is yet. I was was hoping for kind of a mercenary with a tendency to tinker. As an elementalist (weaver), she would make up for lack of a natural aptitude for magic with chemistry. Gia's current look is more the former than the latter, but I have a second look in mind that might better speak to that last part.

I'm also looking for headgear ideas that won't clip with her hair. Suggestions welcome. :)


Aldon Vinetwig
Figured I would come check out your work!
My fave thing about this is the image where she's doing the peace sign XD I like the colours of the armour and the combo.
It's weird how little I recognise armour pieces on females!
2019-06-01 9:40