I think I found my new home away from home

By Lazy Elf on February 12th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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2 3
12 0
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I'm a Zazi in a bottle. I claim this room as mine!


Lazy Elf
But some treasures can not be bought with gold. Like friendship! You can only rent those
2019-02-12 0:12

Zazi makes such a cute Genie!
2019-02-12 0:16

You know i don't want to jump up to accusations but its a bit weird that the gold you got is from the only person who follows you 4 minutes after you post it Also judging by the low effort the Jyohan guy puts in his screens kinda makes me think you and him are the same person.
The look has been done alot of times now, yours is okay nice dye choices but certainly not worth a gold medal. Description and screens would deserve more work for that to happen.
2019-02-12 5:13

Fashion Guru
Dafq :D I think there's a simpler explanation
2019-02-12 5:25 in reply to Snapshark

Yeah lol. I don't know why I would need Two accounts. one where I post an outfit every two years. Maybe its that me and her are friends and I took the screen shots for her and that i genuinely think they are good. but hey you can make up conspiracy theory because you have a different opinion enjoy being outraged by two people having fun together that in no way harms you.
2019-02-12 11:20 in reply to Snapshark

A bit of a overused style. The background is nice though.
2019-02-12 13:31

Fashion Guru
I love it :)
2019-02-13 3:20

Fashion Guru
Interesting look! Simple but eye-catching which i really appreciate!
2019-02-13 12:05

This is fabulous
2019-02-21 20:55

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