Raven in the MOONLIGHT

By ieva on January 18th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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No! No! It had to be a mirage. I slapped my hands in front of my face and tightened my eyes. But when she dared to open, the wind drew waves on the lake surface and I could no longer see my own reflection.
I absolutely want to know what happened to me. And I poke in the memory chambers of my leaden brain.
There was so much colour everywhere: the summer leaves, the blue sky, the bright sun. Everything was plump and self-confident. Quite the opposite to me. I am raven-black... I am a raven.
...With closed eyes I took the magic book out of my little bag. I pressed it on my stomach. In front of my inner eye came the memories. When the light of the sunset reflected on the lake, I read my magic book. At least until a raven screamed. I was afraid and withdrew. Feathers fell out of his wings in my magic cup... The ravens all fled into the forest at the same time, screaming loudly. Mauve-colored lined clouds hastily pulled over me and left behind a dark night sky. I fainted.

This is my Story
All my characters are mostly colorful. But also I have (from time to time) Desire for something dark :) My Sylvari has pattern color blue, glow color stream and river color eyes. So I decided to use blue/green on the armor. Today I present my new Sylvari Look in Shadow Blue with some little colorful accents. For the Raven helm I used Orchid coat (the leaves of Orchid coat remind me daringly of feathers...) - which looks pretty extravagant. And the rest of the armor parts and weapons were kept a bit discreet.
Other armor coloring: https://i.imgur.com/gWdvh0o.jpg
On some pictures are Nightmare Court Gloves, which I actually use. Because the glow of Exalted Gloves looks beautiful at night, but during the day, when Sylvari herself and chest part are not glowing, is too bright.
I hope you like my moonlight raven.
Weapons: Touch of Fog


Fashion Guru
I love all of the things you are able to do with this helm!
2019-01-18 21:50

I'm glad, thank you:)
2019-01-19 3:03 in reply to jesandsteven

Fashion Guru
I love the turquise-black dye combo :-) Looks pretty :-)
2019-01-20 6:18

I thank you very much :)
2019-01-20 18:58 in reply to Egon

Fashion Guru
Very interesting mix!
2019-01-21 7:27

Thank you for comment
2019-01-22 5:49 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
Ooooh i love this! Interesting mix of cultural armor, love how the top looks, reminds me of a wing in this armor setting! The dyes look great with the skin tone and i love those screenshots!
2019-01-22 8:56

Since I always criticize cultural armor, wanted to show herewith that there are also other (unusual) possibilities. And thank you for compliment
2019-01-22 17:53 in reply to Keyan