Against Sons of Svanir's

By lirodan on December 25th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
2 3
4 0
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She was peaceful girl from Elona. On her world trip through Tyria, she has only recently seen snow...And Sons of Svanir.
She is carrying a bird of ice and a wind catcher, which got from a friendly Norn. She listens to stories about ghosts of the wilderness and fights against Sons of the Svanir shoulder to shoulder with Norn.


Fashion Collector
i would like to see more screens ._.
2018-12-26 6:55

I got some more, here you go.
2018-12-26 20:43 in reply to otukando

Armor Mix: Armor mix is very crazy. You get a bonus for courage because you use Radiant pieces.
Dye Choices: Colors are determined by Radiant pieces (and they are very difficult for color matching). I think you got it right.
Originality: Is that nice? I don't know. But for originality I give you maximum points.
Scrennshots: I like 2 pictures - first row middle and 2nd row left. Screens are a bit too heavily edited (this is not always advantageous)
Description: A few more sentences would be nice.
You have my silver
2018-12-26 22:07

thank you!
2019-01-12 6:41 in reply to ieva