By ieva on December 8th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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In my dream I see myself so differently, I look almost human, but even a second glance is enough to make this assumption false.
I'm Sylvari. My flesh consists of tendrils and leaves, my hair of foliage and blossoms and my bones of solid wood. In my veins flows golden resin and my skin is covered with pollen. On the eve of my awakening, I feel the earth singing in my bones.
Even now I feel my destiny calling me to wake up. My time is soon.

I dream of voyages.The voices of my people whisper to me of far-off places and mysterious shores.The Dream hints at my future. The Dream fills me with knowledge and is my connection to others. It is my inspiration. My guiding light. There are distant lands and dangerous challenges--but also, I see my home. A grove with a white tree, and friends who will stand by me when I need them. I hear my name in the wind, and I feel the call of my future.
Something intrudes upon the Dream. And I hear voice : "Dreamer, I am Caithe. Can you hear me where you are, within the Dream? Soon, you'll awaken here, but for now, you live in the Dream... What we see in the Dream often sends us places, we did not intend to go. Be on your guard".
I will uncover truth. I glimpse the faces of those whose secrets I will shelter... and who, in turn, guard mine.

I can't explain right now. I was called by the dream. I am awake. From the first moment I have insatiable curiosity and the need to explore everything. And like every Sylvari who explores and learns about the new world, I will carry this knowledge to the Pale Tree, who shares it in his songs with a new generation. I will. But how do I begin? One does not simply awaken and rush off...

This is my story.
I hope you like my Dreamcatcher
Weapons : Ebon Vanguard Staff & Holosmith´s Sword + Astralaria
Back item : Ensign Banners of Amnoon


Fashion Guru
You have chosen a very beautiful and suitable environment for your character. You don't see the area very often and you quickly forget how beautiful it is. As expected, you have again written an extensive story for your character.
Well Done
2018-12-09 2:57

Fashion Guru
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2018-12-09 4:42

Thanks a lot. I am always fascinated by contorted light/color on Draconis Mon map.
2018-12-09 13:21 in reply to morv

is ok
2018-12-10 4:34

Thanks for your comment. Or are you not finished yet (and want to tell me what you ate for lunch xD)?
2018-12-10 6:27 in reply to Stillex

Great look! The dyes go very well together, and I really like the way you used the backpiece. I've never been able to make a look that incorporates it so well, so I'm definitely taking some inspiration from this! Gold from me!
2018-12-11 0:32

Back item "Ensign Banners of Amnoon" is difficult (and unpopular), but I would have to try nonetheless... I'm glad you like that.
2018-12-11 3:43 in reply to zakmandoo

Fashion Guru
I love your dye and armor mix, they are really well suited to the environment too, which makes for some really awesome screenshots!
Great story too, i love a good write up.
Gold from me!
2018-12-29 7:46

Thanks a lot!
2018-12-29 9:13 in reply to Keyan

OMG these colors. I like everything on your sylvari
2019-01-15 13:32

Thank you!
2019-01-15 15:10 in reply to akki