God of War (Updated version)

By Hoba on August 26th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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15 2
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So I made a God of War outfit for a couple of months ago. And right after I posted it I did change some gear that I thought fitted better then the old one. So Now I took the time to take some new screenshots for this updated version. Hope you guys enjoy the new God of War game as much as I did!



Damn, that picture sitting on the throne... Menacing, but in such a good way.
Also love the one with Sagvi and the Grawl, properly sells the outfit I'd say.
Very nice and believable look, even without the link to God of War, it's just very solid on it's own.
Gold for me, think I might have to dust off my own Norn Warrior now...
2018-08-27 3:20

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much! You can't leave your Norn Warrior behind Vorn!
2018-08-27 3:40 in reply to Vorn

Eyo, gave you full golden my dude! Really dope job.

We actually met ingame, you sat next to me, I was the engi Afrodzaqm, was running around with a couple of newbies, remember me?
2018-08-27 4:25

Fashion Collector
Thanks alot Pumpi! Ahhhh I don't remember sadly, I meet so many new players each time I play xd
2018-08-27 12:49 in reply to Pumpi

Human starting area, where you have to disable harathi traps, scout in the bush, we sat right next to it :(
I complimanted your Deathly Mantle Shoulder piece, and said that isn't a cheap game :D
2018-08-28 6:36 in reply to Hoba

Fashion Collector
OH Yeah!! now I remember! :)
2018-08-28 7:48 in reply to Pumpi

just ran into this guy in game, in awe at the size of this B O Y, what an absolute unit
2018-08-29 6:37

Fashion Collector
Haha, so random and awesome o/
2018-08-29 10:20 in reply to Jenpai

Fashion Guru
Awesome! love it
2018-12-10 17:28

Fashion Collector
Thank you :D
2018-12-13 4:04 in reply to morv