A Hero Never Dies! - Overwatch Mercy

By Mean Mocha on August 4th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Inspired by:
(Images look way better if you click them x:)
After seeing this amazing cosplay by ProtoMarcus, I felt a compelling urge to create one for heavy armor. I did my best to not copy and paste their composition, but alas, the wings were a solid choice so kudos to them :)

So introducing my (dollar store) version of Overwatch's Mercy!

I had a lot of fun pulling together this look. As soon as I confirmed all of the necessary armor skins, everything else pretty much fell into place. I stuck to taking pictures in the Heart of the Mists because that's where I spend 90% of my time with this toon. Now I'm not sure if this environment was the best choice :/

Created her as "A Hero Never Dies" Firebrand Guardian and set out to attempt some Mantra Bunker PvP which proved extremely rewarding if your allies can comfortably trust their lives with you. Healed my way out of silver and up to platinum during Season 12 so that was dope.

In PvE, running the Support Healer build with full Zealot's and firebrand runes for extra quickness uptime. It's no chronomancer, but it has some great options for quickness on the spot. Made many new fractal friends.
Weapon sets are Staff (OF COURSE) and mace and shield. Vigil weapon sets fit with this simple look, in my opinion.

And yes, she's running a utility slot with Signet of Mercy. (Was there any doubt?)
The guardian angel factor was obviously in mind. Pun intended.


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