By ristiturpa on July 17th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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A WIP of my chronomancer, taking ideas and opinions of all kinds.

No greater lore or anything here, original inspiration came from a plant called Black-Eyed Susan, but he ended up looking more black/purple than I originally thought, tho I think it's a more fitting color scheme considering his class.
I plan on making the Shining Blade and Bolt for him, just to add to this shiny mess. Will probably update this once I get them ready.

Back item: Mad Memories: Complete Ignition
Weapons: Lord Taeres's Shadow of Force, The Binding of Ipos and Alchemist Greatsword
Infusions: Moto's Unstable Bauble Infusion, Koda's Warmth


I actually really like this... Especially once imagined with the Shining Blade and Bolt, really cool!
Moto's Bauble doesn't fit too well I'd say, but it's subtle enough of an effect to not really be bothering or detracting from the overall look.
Combining the dyes like that is also a nice achievement, Bloodstone Indigo and Enameled Solitude mix particularly well to get the right colors on all the different pieces. Plus I'm honestly really just a bit of a sucker for Purple (and green, but Purple applies here). Very nice combination between your Legendaries and the outfit, Binding of Ipos and the Mad Memories are a match made in heaven, but even the Shining Blade and Bolt look like they'll fit in excellently, which is quite hard to do considering how easy it is for the effects of Legendaries to be complete overkill.
Gold for me!
2018-07-17 2:31

Aaaaa, thank you so much for the kind words! I have to admit I have a bit of distaste for the bauble effect too, I mostly keep excusing like "Oh it's not that bad, atleast I look HC!" but I plan on replacing it with Aurillium Infusion once I get my hands on it, even if it is a bit unnoticeable but I think it could boost the golden parts of the armor a bit more and doesn't cause a clustery effect since I will add the two legendaries in the mix too.
2018-07-17 3:09 in reply to Vorn

Any sort of gold/purple mix is an A in my book, and the armor mixes so well too! I really love how most of it is dark but you have certain scriptures or gold pieces sticking out.

Real good one!
2018-07-17 7:10

Aww thank you!
2018-07-17 18:04 in reply to vitalcharm

love the gold/purple mix, and your screenshots are amazing
2018-07-17 18:26

Fashion Guru
Great mix of colors.
2018-07-17 21:34

Thanks so much guys!
2018-07-18 5:50

Fashion Guru
Wonderful creature. :-)
2018-07-18 9:26

These screens look great! What Reshade are you using?
2018-07-19 23:11 in reply to ristiturpa

I actually use two! Homemade on most of the pics with high DOF effect, but the other preset can be found on reddit:
2018-07-20 2:56 in reply to Boase

Those screenshots are absolutely stunning!
2018-07-26 16:25

I absolutely love this look and the screenshots are divine. It's so easy to stack auras and effects into a mess and yet here your character is far from a christmas tree and actually looks great. And to think how good it will look once you have rest of the legendaries! I can't wait to see the results!
2018-07-30 16:52

I am in love with those shoulders, especially when the last color is something dark but still saturated like that purple you chose, but my biggest problem is that they look entirely too bulky on anyone i put them on. I absolutely love how well they fit with this look and the character itself looks amazing, down to the details of the face, great job all around.
2018-07-31 16:31

Thank you so much everyone! o/
2018-08-01 15:36