Dir Thera

By ristiturpa on August 9th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
11 1
2 0
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This is my second first character ever and I rly struggled to make a nice armor for him since I'm not a huge fan of medium armors in general, but I managed.

Though, personally I am quite pleased with the lore and the name I made for him, since the idea was to make him a firstborn who has an interest to the human relations (explaining the not so leafy armor) and especially the human gods and their departure from Orr, telling stories about them to the newborn sylvari. The whole idea actually came from the name made for him, which stems from the word "Dirthera" what means "to tell tales" in Elvish in Dragon Age universe.

Now that I'm done rambling, in my opinion the armor isn't the best fit for Soulbeast since it looks really celestial and I do plan to make him a full on healer Druid once I have the gold and energy for it, I mainly just have this build on right now for the DPS and the nice green effect, so don't go too hard on me because of that. :D

Once again all opinions and critique is welcome!

Weapons: Auric Dagger, Guide For The Lost, Azimuth
Backitem: Golden Feather Wings


The screens once again look spot on, I love how they give Dir mysterious feel to him!
2018-08-09 11:07

Fashion Guru
Oh gosh I love this. ;_;

I have so many unfinished looks right now, I've been getting jealous of the people who have such gorgeous looks, screens, and overall completed characters. My roster is a cesspool because I have 70 characters to take care of...

I agree that maybe Druid would be a better fit for the style, but then again, what's the harm with a Soulbeast that goes in a different direction?

Aha ha, sorry. Anyway, this look swept me away. Gold!
2018-08-09 14:13

Thank you so much both! :D
2018-08-10 6:00

The armor mix is really unique! -- however, the screenshots are showing up kind of dark (maybe it's because my screen is smaller???) and it's difficult to make out the full look. Could you maybe add some shots of Dir Thera facing a light source?
2018-08-11 2:58

Oh yeah sure!
2018-08-11 9:09 in reply to zenobia

Hey thanks! I like that last one where he's holding the torch. He looks angelic and dangerous.
2018-08-11 16:40 in reply to ristiturpa

What a unique look! Simply amazing.
2018-09-06 23:37

Fashion Collector
Photoshop and chaos gloves. I wonder if you take shots in the daylight in the game? You definitely prefer night and armor is not clear. I believe that you have a nose for colors.
2019-05-08 7:48

Fashion Collector
Now place a screenshot here with information that you gave my worries the worst rating under my presentations.
2019-05-08 9:27