Asura pickpocket

By lkilian on January 16th, 2018
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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About the character:

This is my main character: A thief that I dressed inspired by diferent characters and looks, like Talion from Shadow of Mordor, the Thieves Guild armor from TES: Oblivion and TES: Skyrim and Garrett from the Thief series.


- While i have seen some people here say that it is "not original", I think it is the best hood for an asura: Others are either ugly or hide the ears. And what's an asura without their ears? :) So I still decided to use it. Please Anet add more hoods.

Also, I wanted to give my character more a thief/burglar look than the normally seen assassin look.

Note that while the main image is not my favourite by far, I placed it that way because I wanted a shot where all the outfit were easily visible (asura are very small).

Dyes are not very variated but I wasn't searching for a colorful look on this one.

Weapons are Elonian Cutlass, Final Sting and Plasma shortbow (apparently I cannot include them at the moment)


The first screenshot looks great, nice job
2018-01-16 19:12

Fashion Guru
It's nice character (and yes, Asura are small), but using Zoom would be option that I miss here!
2019-07-30 0:47